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General Plugin Discussion DSC Alarm System Anything related to the DSC Alarm System Plugin DataYours A plugin to acquire, store, and display data about Vera devices and measurements. Reactor Reactor is a programmable logic plugin that responds to a set of configurable conditions and performs configured actions. Using boolean logic (AND, OR, XOR, NOT), users can easily create complex rules to drive automations easily. It is designed to be light on system resources, responsive, and easy to learn. Unmaintained This is the default bucket where Unmaintained apps go. We recommend using TAGS to further categorize them. USB RFXtrx Transceiver Anything related to the USB RFXtrx Transceiver Plugin EventWatcher Events & Logs Sonos Anything related to the Sonos Plugin openLuup an open source emulation of the Luup environment. Google Calendar Switch Anything related to Google Calendar Switch plugin Denon AV Program Logic (PLEG) Board for the various Program Logic plugins openHAB MiOS Binding Netatmo Weather Station Harmony Hub Control Anything related to Harmony Hub Control Plugin Alternate UI Anything related to Alternate UI plugin Arduino Sensor Anything related to the Arduino Sensor Plugin IPhone Locator Anything related to IPhone Locator app VeraAlerts Anything related to the VeraAlerts Plugin Elk M1 Alarm Panel Board for the Elk M1 (and Elk M1EZ8) alarm panel plugin ALTHue The Alternate Edition of the Philips Hue Plugin
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Version Log

18 September 2019: Version 3.12 is pending availability in the MIOS app market, and available now the ALTUI app market. You can use the Update App in case the update was not automatic. If that fails try to force an upda…

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