2 factor authentication


Is it possible to use google authenticate as a 2nd factor in accessing Vera in future updates please.
i really feel this would improve my security.



This would require MCV to perceive this as a benefit. I do not think MCV would like to couple their systems to Google.

If they did this in their server farm … then you would still need to have faith that MCV would not be otherwise compromised. (i.e. currently if MCV is compromised … the perpetrator may gain access to the MCV ssh tunnels and then to your Vera through your firewall!)

If they did this at the Vera Unit … Then to really be effective even LOCAL access would need to be validated with Google authentication … This would require that Google be accessible when you first try to connect to Vera … i.e. you could not use Vera sans the internet.



I see the topic was not really discussed much.

I also see 2FA as a must and not a ‘benefit fo MCV’. Moreover 2FA does not automatically mean Google.
There are solutions such as Authy that work pretty well.