2 VeraEdge controllers...scenes being automatically duplicated overnight


I have 2 VeraEdge controllers assigned to my Vera online remote access account.

They are in two different houses, each with its one unique IP, on its own local network. Both controllers are running firmware 1.7.4000

After I login to https://home.getvera.com/users/login, I can see both units and select either one to gain access.

Here is my issue?every day when I log in, I see a few random scenes that have been duplicated from one controller to the other. The scene names are identical, and the scene number is usually identical. For example: on Unit A there is a scene named ?Bath_Temp_90?. For some unknown reason, that name appears in Unit B?s scene list as ?Bath_Temp_90?, even though it should only exist as a scene on Unit A. This occurs both ways ? sometimes a scene from Unit A appears on Unit B, sometimes a scene from Unit B appears on Unit A, sometimes I see both units getting scenes from the other unit.

The erroneous scene is always listed as No Room assigned. The actual triggers and commands within the duplicated scene are bogus?sometimes they are manual triggers (whereas the real scene has a specific trigger), sometimes it is some strange trigger that I have never set in any scene, sometimes it is referencing a device on the other unit. The actions are also usually bogus as well.

Has anyone experienced this issue when using two controllers accessed under a single account id?

(BTW ? I?ve had these two units running for 2+years? I never had this issue until I performed the last firmware upgrade recently?)



When this happens have you tried a hard browser refresh? Sounds a bit unlikely but seen some weird stuff like that.




I have three controllers and the same thing happens to me.

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Good to know.
I have a ticket open with Vera Support - they are still running tests to determine root cause.

I will refer them to this post for another example of the issue.

I recommend you open a ticket and refer to my ticket # #353316

Also - we think we narrowed the issue to be caused by the mobile app. I deleted the app from phone and tablet and only accessed my devices via the browser (on phone, tablet, and PC) and the issue disappeared. When I reinstalled the app on my phone and started using it, the issue re-appeared.

So it appears there is an issue with the mobile app.



Gotta love the cloud… This is definitely a big no no for me to allow any cloud service to modify device configuration settings in my home.