3 gig back up or can a zwave device be connected to a second controller

Is there an option/accessory to connect the VERA to a back up cell service?

Or is there a wave to connect a zwave device to a second controller?

Question 1. The cell service is a feature of the vera secure. You can also connect your entire network through cell by doing a cell failover. Many routers offer this service.

Question 2. You can add a second controller to your zwave network. Zwave, unlike zigbee, is designed with multi controller in mind.

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  1. How do I install or connect a cell dongle to the unit?
  2. If I take a second VERA - do I daisy chain them or can I have the second VERA independent?

My questions are related to a VERA I have joked up in Mexico where I own a condo (I live in USA)

  1. There is no dongle. The service is built in. You need to subscribe to the cell service through mios.
  2. Not sure I understand your daisy chaining. Please do a search on this forum. There are two ways you can get two veras to work together. You an either connect them through ethernet. They would therefore be bridged running on the same ethernet network talking to one another through upnp, or you can link them together through zwave, therefore on the same zwave network, controlling the same devices and coordinating through zwave. You can access them on the same ethernet network but would not be aware of one another on ethernet.