A first real Ezlo plugin; Solar Meter


To get some idea of what is and is not possible at this moment for Ezlo plug in development I took the Solar Meter plugin for Vera and made an Ezlo version of it. This plugin will create just a power meter device displaying the produced Watts and daily KWh, but it is a start.

It can be found on github here https://github.com/reneboer/ezlo-SolarMeter. Installation is manual and configuration is done in a json file as there is no programmable UI (yet?).

The readme also includes some of the things I learned writing this plugin.

Cheers Rene



Well done on the first Ezlo plugin!

Sounds like plugin development is much different on the Ezlo platform.

Do you think eventually it might be possible to port the Harmony plugin over at some stage?


That sounds like good news. I currently use the plugin on my old VeraPlus. Once I receive my new test unit I will check it out.

Hi @cw-kid,

For now the Ezlo FW does not allow creation of user interface elements required for the Harmony plugin. No idea when it will be up to that level of flexibility.

Cheers Rene

Perfect timing on this. I’m testing the Ezlo Plus, and am in the process of having solar panels installed (with the Envoy) as we speak :slight_smile:

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I posted V2.0 on github. Some enhancements, including some more scene trigger possibilities. See README for details.

Cheers Rene

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