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Yeah, heard that before. How many BT devices are supported on the Veras?

It’s not a real feature until it’s a usable feature.

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Ezlo should focus on making their excisting Vera controllers better. I would not move to a new controller from Vera/Ezlo. If I switch from My Vera Secure, it will be to Ahom Homey…

I Understand you but homey… … Im member of Swedish Facebook homey group. It seems they have alot more problems and unstable software and unstable hardware than vera /ezlo owners have… I would go with something else then .

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Yeah I know what you meen. I have a friend who has a Homey and he also has problems with things. I’m also a member in the swedish homeygroup but rarely wisit it. Even though Homey atracts me somehow… But nothing is decided yet. I might go with Samsung Smarthings or Animus Heart.

I looked to this controller from Sweden but from what i read is that Vera is much beter.

Forum with Vera is much better. Vera has a history with controllers.

The Swedish just look like they started with a lot of problems. So Vera is a better controller. Anyway this is way i think.



I’ve heard good things about it. The core team was behind one of the smartthings logic apps like (PLEG or reactor) and they use the ST groovy language so a lot of ST code works.

Their mobile app is apparently still kind of v0.9.

You don’t have root access, their hardware specs are kind of light but it does have zigbee and zwave built in so it’s not a bad deal.

They are still a newish hardware company with a very limited product line. It’s a bit of a gamble on if they are going to survive long term. Plus side, all local processing so at least your controller stays online if they do go belly up.

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I’ve been following Homey closely for some time and see many issues with power supply problems, poor wireless range, no Ethernet port - only WiFi, and poor stability. There doesn’t appear to be any substantial manufacturer support.

Any negative comments in their forum get immediately jumped on by a core of fanatics in a very hostile way.

Saying that they have made great progress with their product in a short time scale with regular updates to both the apps and base code.

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