Adding IP cams in to Vera that are HTTPS? And Imperihome jpg / mjpg streams

Can you add IP cameras in to Vera that have a HTTPS URL ?

I know Vera doesn’t support RTSP stream, but I have in the past been able to add cameras that are mjpg or jpg snapshot etc on HTTP not secured.

I am running a new doorbell camera in the TinyCam Pro Android app via its web server as natively the camera has no support for mjpg or jpg snapshot only RTSP.

I can add the camera fine when the TinyCam Pro web server is HTTP.

But when I turn on HTTPS then I am not able to add the camera in to the Vera UI7 GUI.

Vera says:

Camera Not Detected

Please recheck your Camera’s
IP Address, Username or Password in
the Manual Configuration section above.

Vera definitely doesn’t seem to like HTTPS camera URL’s.

I’ve had to revert TinyCam Pro’s web server back to HTTP and I was able to add the camera in to Vera again OK.

Least its password protected I guess but HTTPS would of been more secure.

Also Imperihome app sucks with RTSP camera streams I cannot get them working at all even with no authentication on the camera.

Other Android apps like TinyCam Pro can access RTSP camera streams with authentication so not sure why Imperihome cannot and they blame the Android libraries and limitations or something ?

I removed my cameras from Vera. Too much delay with scenes and wonky settings being lost.

Cameras didn’t need to be https in Vera because the point was if you add a camera to Vera to view it then you do it securely through their app.

You add security to your camera because you view it remotely through port forwarding.

If you require it for scenes for your needs in Vera then live with less secure or get a raspberry pi and use the vpn software so you can accomplish both. That’s my suggestion.


I guess I don’t really need this camera in the Vera UI7 web GUI. But I use my laptop a lot at home and I always have a Chrome browser tab open for Vera.

I was just testing really, seeing what I could do, ideally I’d like the motion detection alerts from the outdoor Ezviz DB1 camera to be flagged in a virtual motion sensor device in Vera, but haven’t worked out if that is possible yet.
If Vera supported IFTTT inbound then that would probably be the easiest way, but it does not.

I am running a VPN client on my router, so the whole house and all devices (mostly) go out to the WAN via the encrypted VPN tunnel.

I had to punch a hole in the VPN tunnel though for the camera http port and on my router, to get remote access to the camera mjpg stream in the Imperihome app, when my phone is only on 4G mobile data etc.

I saw your posts on ipcamtalk.

I am already doing everything you are talking about but all locally. I am absolutely horrified by IFTTT and defeats the main purpose of selecting the DB1 and its local stream. I would never use that but that’s another discussion (even more so if you already have a VPN setup).

I have my doorbell stream to a NAS for recording (QNAP) which has the ability to detect motion from the stream and send an http call to vera/openluup, toggling a virtual sensor device.
I am also having the DB1 stream to home assistant stream from that doorbell and run facial recognition on that stream which in turns sends also an http API call to the vera/openluup to trigger scenes.
Actually I am even using Home assistant to send me a pushover snapshot of the doorbell camera through notification.

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Hi Rafale

I don’t have an NVR yet. I just put a 128GB SD card in to the Ezviz DB1 so I don’t have to pay for cloud storage.

I plan eventually to get a Hikvision POE NVR and more Hikvision cameras.

I have managed to integrate the DB1 camera in to my Kodi HTPCs using its RTSP stream. I also installed a free Cam app on my Amazon Fire TV stick and used its RTSP stream also.

Vera only supports http mjpg or jpg snapshot URLs as does Imerpihome app seemingly, as I cannot get RTSP streams working in Imperihome at all.

As you problably know the Ezviz DB1 out of the box, does not support Onvif or mjpg or jpg snapshots with the Ezviz firmware.

I think you can flash them with Laview firmware to get Onvif and jpg but then you lose Google Home integration.

So I setup TinyCam Pro on my wall mounted Android tablet that normally runs Imperihome.

Using the TinyCam web server function I now am able to get mjpg and jpg URLs which I have used to add the camera to Vera and Imperihome app etc.

This seems to be working OK so far.

But what I don’t know how to do, is how to send http json commands to Vera upon motion detection on the DB1 camera.

Perhaps TinyCam can do it or maybe with Tasker also.

I’m not sure yet I haven’t got that far and worked it out.

How the heck did you do facial recognition ?

I was also trying to integrate the camera in to Emby media server using the Home Security Camera Channel plugin, but it seems really buggy that plugin and so far I haven’t been able to get it working.

I’m quite impressed with the DB1 other than no onvif, mjpg and jpg that lets it down.

I have hooked up a Z-Wave door sensor which has a dry contact input, to the mechanical door chime solenoid and used a small micro relay. So when the DB1 doorbell button is pressed I have a trigger in Vera to run a scene. That’s working nicely so far.

I highly discourage any streaming on the vera. The hardware is beyond underpowered for this type of activities and not likely lead to a pleasing experience. The vera is and should be used as a wireless radio hub with some limited automation/plugin capabilities. I never needed ONVIF. It only serves to provide information for the different stream URLs. If you already have them, then ONVIF is superfluous. Likewise for MJPG and JPG. I am actually glad it doesn’t have it. It is very easy to for any software to take a snapshot and I would not want the device to broadcast too many streams on my network. One channel is plenty.

Using Home Assistant’s facial recognition component.

Not familiar with Emby. I recommend simplfying your setup (it seems like you are multiplying where the streams go which will stress the cpu on the doorbell) with either a solid NVR or your own server using something like BlueIris. I use QNAP NAS with its NVR software and had their devs make a few changes to accommodate the doorbell, it has a lot of trigger-action capabilities. It’s able to take snapshots, save them, send notifications etc etc…
Also if you are familiar with some of my other posts, you may already know that I am allergic to GH because of it’s forced cloud reliance strategy.

I built my own solution as well, combining my Synology NAS with telegram. I can ask my bot to send me pictures or videos (as GIFs), and it’s sending me GIFs after some events (mostly, motion detected by sensors or door sensors).
There’s a post somewhere showing how to do it on the old forum - I’ve now transitioned to my own bot (written in C#/.NET Core and running under Linux), because I wanted to control some aspect this way (and because I’m into bots at work, so it was fun to do anyway).

Not sure I’m happy with the TinyCam Pro webserver for jpg / mjpg streams in Imperihome app, as a lot of times when I click on the camera to view it, the stream doesn’t load.

I’ve installed a trial copy of Blue Iris on to my WHS file server. I have the jpg / mjpg streams working in Imperihome now from Blue Iris instead and so far it seems to be better and more reliable, fingers crossed.

Blue Iris is pricey though £35 for just 1 camera, think for that money they’d allow you at least 5 cameras.

I’ve also added a virtual motion sensor device in to Vera and in the Blue Iris software under the camera properties - Alerts - I have turned on “Request from a web service”.

When Triggered I am sending this URL to Vera to set the Tripped variable on the virtual motion sensor to 1

Where DeviceNum 403 is my virtual motion sensor device.

Request again then trigger is reset

This is working well it seems and I now have a motion sensor device in Vera for the Doorbell camera.

Also the post man came and Blue Iris recorded a short video clip on to my file server as well.

So far so good.

I think BI is worth the price. Very versatile so you are free to get almost any camera you want.

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