Aeotec Multisensor 6 (AEZW100A) - no motion sensing

I’ve got 3 of these, but one of them I can’t seem to get configured correctly.

It pairs okay (and shows up all the various sensors), but simply won’t detect motion.

Sometimes when I unpair, factory reset, and re-add it will come back in permanently tripped. Other times it won’t be tripped, and regardless of the amount of motion it will never trip

I’ve done a lot of research, and there seems to be people out there with the same problem, but no defintive answer. I’ve tried the following:

  • Left it overnight a couple of times in the hope it settles in and starts working
  • Set various parameters, eg 5 (1 byte dec) 2, 111 (4 byte dec) 300, 3 (2 byte dec) 11
  • Adding it as insecure (double click the action button when pairing)

It is updating the other sensors, and I can see it polling regularly.

I don’t have a z-wave stick so I can’t update the firmware. Not sure how I can confirm the firmware version on it?

I’m hoping someone has some answers/suggestions please

Any ideas please?

Same here, I update the firmware also, not helping.

Vera: Melih said: we will support every single device out there. I bought this device due to the lack of support/compatibility of Fibaro FGMS-001.

This is a two years old topic. The initial poster mentioned that 1 out of 3 doesn’t detect motion.

If this is a general ongoing issue with this model of sensor, please open up a new report under the Bugs category and we’d love to look at this matter.