Aeotec Wallmote Quad Not working in Association mode


So here we go…

My setup:

  • VeraPlus fw 1.7.3831
  • Wallmote Quad fw 134,0,47041
  • Zipato Bulb.

First to know: If I use the Wallmote to control Scenes there is no issue. From this I conclude that the Mote is working and connected.
All I write below is done using Secure and Unsecure inclusion. So I set up the device using aa single tap on the button and a double tap on the button…

I go into Device Option on the wallmote, select Add Group in the bottom of the screen… I add “2” … to my knowledge this means Tap on/off function for button 1. And I assign in to light ID 156 … this is my Bulb.

It does not work.

What can I do to fix this … It is driving me NUTS … Eventually I need the dim function to work… But for now I want this to work.




I’ve just purchased four Quad Wallmote’s for home and was hoping to (easily) setup the buttons for ON/OFF toggle and dimming. My Vera Plus recognised the switch which is great. I’ve seen the ‘group’ for control thing but Philip’s hue but doesnt support that function :frowning: I’m putting an Aeotec Nano dimmers all over the place next week and am wondering if they support it.

Why is this so hard? Surely this is basic stuff.



Hi there,
I just picked up an Wallmote Quad as well because I saw somewhere that Vera finally had support and it’s been a while so I figured that they would have ironed out the details. The device configuration seems quite solid, but I’m finding the manual for the device a bit too complicated.
I’ve paired the device to the Vera successfully but I’m confused about group associations vs. scene control. I understand that I can tap or double tap the buttons to execute scenes and I suppose that I could work with that to set up Lua scripts with enough effort, but is the group association feature working?
When I bought this thing I figured I could set the button to control an LIFX bulb since they seem to behave just like a regular bulb with the LIFX plugin. Can someone please clarify this?
Thanks in advance.

Edit: I should also note that I tried setting parameter 4 to 3 to see if that gave me more options in the device configuration. No luck.



Association does not work up until now for me… I’m interested to know if anyone got it to work?



This whole situation is a clusterfuck. Absolutely ridiculous. I can’t even believe this has reached a consumer level.
This is just another product in the I am a waste of space so-called “Z-wave alliance” that is a load of horsesh!t
SHOW ME THE COMPLIANCE. SHOW ME THE UNIFORMITY! As far as I’m concerned, Z-wave means NOTHING. It’s nothing but a waste of space frequency with a bunch of confused dolts stumbling over each other, trying to make things look organized so they can sell more useless crap.
Can’t even get a simple motion sensor to work and I can assure you, It’s not for lack of intelligence or technical savvy.
I had more results with fuc&ing X10 motion sensors that cost nothing in comparison 20 years ago. You guys should be ashamed. This is product (Vera Plus) is an absolute joke in its current form. I have next to no plugins running even – it’s tasked with operating some LIFX scenes, a couple of Zwave devices on timers and a few alarm system tasks. This thing is giving me a serious case of Home Automation Rage.



Also i cannot make it work in association mode