AIRMARK 4 in 1 Soil Tester Moisture Meter, Light, Temperature and Fertilizer Tester,

I have just found this little thing
I was going to try to see if it would work with vera plus but it uses Bluetooth, does anyone have any prior knowledge/experience with this device

Identical to the xiaomi and the much cheaper one above. Bluetooth range is its biggest drawback. It makes it almost exclusively work with mobile devices.

i got this and its amazing too bad its bluetooth

Rafale77, is it connecting with the Xiaomi app (using the same protocol), or not?
Well, I have some experience with that, not exactly that one, but Xiaomi flora, which I use to water plants on the balcony and inside the home.
As far as I know there is no way to attach it directly to the Vera (you can’t add bluetooth devices anymore), but I managed that with Domoticz installed on Raspberry Pi.
After doing so, I connected Domoticz to Vera.
You can do it two ways: one is to mirror Vera devices on Domoticz (and then all logic have to be designed on Domoticz), the other is to mirror Domoticz devices to Vera (and then the logic have to be designed on Vera).
I’ve chosen the first way, since it took less effort. I had to mirror 4 devices (2 for water pumps and 2 for valves) while the other way around would need creation of 16 devices - 4 for each sensor (temp, moisture, fertility, light), and probably more when I install additional sensors (which I plan to do).

Both Vera and Domoticz have to be on the same network, and their IP can’t change as then they will loose connection with each other.

I have above setup working for about a year now and it’s doing fine.

im realy in terested in doing the second way do you have a tutorial?
i got a esp32 chip and cogt it cinnected to the esp32 but didnt know how to get it talking to vera through mqtt

I did it via manual handled requests, here you have the info:

The logic is that you create virtual device on first controller and then a scene with a logic that updates status of that device based on the reading from sensor attached to second controller via http request over the local network.