Alerts everytime door is locked or unlocked


I have a Kwikset lock and want to stop it from posting an alert to the Dashboard every time the door is locked or unlocked. I have all notifications off for this device and do not have any security alerts set to to send under Notification Settings.

Any thoughts on how to stop these alerts?



I have the same problem.
i don t need to know every time i put my own Pin and have a notification… maybe it give me a confirmation i m at the right house late at night :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



I do not have a Kwikset lock on my system but have a GE Hinge sensor that was posting alerts each time the monitored door was opened or closed.
I’m not sure how the lock shows up in your system, but my hinge sensor displays a slider to arm or disarm, when disarmed the alerts stop and the device still works the same as if it is armed.



any updates on this post?
I came to the forums for the same reason. I have a schlage deadbolt that I don’t need a dashboard alert when I use it.
Alerts need some work in the UI for sure… starting with being able to select what is included.



Personally, I use the VeraAlerts and PLEG to customize which devices alert me and exactly what I want the message to say. The UI alerts are not very user friendly and not configurable.



I have to schlage locks… One alerts on the interface every day. One alerts never.

I have notifications set up for what I want to know about, I ignore the interface alerts since they are useless.



Has anyone ever found a solution to this problem? I have two Kwikset locks and they are both throwing off notifications anytime it’s locked/unlocked using the keypad. I have no notifications set up for these devices and cannot figure out how to stop these annoying notifications even when I’m the person causing them!