Alerts Log and Recorded Camera snap shots

Longtime Vera Lite user converted to Vera Plus and UI7 this year.

Just noticed Vera had been recording snapshots of my cameras for months despite me never configuring it to do so. Thousands of images for each of 9 cameras logged every few minutes.

Related to this is a line entry in the alerts log each time a picture was captured. Thousands of entries…

I was able to turn off the picture logging with the cryptic set “take a picture every __ minutes” and “keep them for ___ days” to zero for each. Why they couldn’t have a checkbox to say disable picture/video logging is beyond me, we are years into this s/w platform. Also these settings were blank and maybe because of that Vera logged pictures on a random basis. Sometime every couple minutes sometimes several minutes to hours. Did someone forget an init line in the code to default these to zero or anything? Why it isn’t defaulted to no log baffles me.

While I “appreciate” that Vera logged each camera capture as an alert line entry, having to delete five months of such logs at 50 at a time was a royal pain. Why not have a delete all for the alerts and the recordings? Seems a simple and “Obvious” ask. I saw some recommendations for a LUUP code to delete the directory (below) for this alert file but then saw warnings from others of unintended consequences. If I was more confident in this I might stuff it in a scene I could call to run it from time to time.

os.execute(“rm /etc/cmh/alerts.json”)
luup.call_action(“urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HomeAutomationGateway1”, “Reload”, {}, 0)

I also note that while random logging of pictures has stopped I guess when I pull up the gui or my iphone app and look at the cameras Vera logs an alert for each refresh. SO I get the multiple alerts everytime I glance over the camera page. I don’t need to log these events. It just fills up the alert file with needless messages. Can I shut this off somehow?

Where are pictures an videos stored? In the cloud or on Vera?
Where is alerts log file stored? In the cloud or on Vera?
Wondering if this verbose logging was using up all Vera’s memory.

Some strange thinking by Vera S/W developers. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

OK I sorted this out. This is just to close this out for others who may be interested.

I have a door switch in my system and I guess the default for Vera is to treat that as a burglary event and then it polled all the cameras. It never got through all of the cameras so I think the polling request timed out.

Once I disabled the door switch as burglary event (changed it to disarm) and then disabled the camera polling this stopped. The camera polling was fixed in the configure preset modes, "what to do if an armed sensor trips? …“Record and store video whenever the above sensors are tripped or doors or windows are opened.”…" section.

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