Alexa App says my zwave plugs are unresponsive?

I have zwave ON/OFF plugs in which my Alexa App insists in unresponsive through the Vera integration.

The Vera Web App says all is well, but Alexa insists it is not.

Any ideas how I might go about fixing this.

Removing the device and resetting the discovery doesn’t seem to help my situation.

Thank you for any input :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. Not sure why they do that. Probably a ticket to support.

Well, I suspect that alexa is communicating through mios relay servers example: “”.

I’m not sure if the relay servers are doing a good enough job responding to the state request information for the Alexa App.

This is probably also why Alexa requests for state changes in the Vera Ecosystem will some times go over the eight second timeout Alexa gives.

The Alexa Bot will reply with “{device} is not responding”, but one second later the light will turn ON/OFF.

Perhaps one of the more prominent developers of Vera could comment on if this sounds right to them.

Question: Is the alexa endpoints for vera built in luup, or did you guys build in javascript? I’m just wondering if there is some way to use Promises, or async the back and forth between alexa and Vera, so that it doesn’t timeout.

Also Directive Responses can be used to length them time Vera needs to give the proper response back to the Alexa Bot.

Sending Directive responses, even a sound clip, if it is taking a while to do what Alexa asked Vera to do.

Just replying here that I too have the same problem.