Alexa scenes Sync problem

I have a problem with my Vera scenes configuration.

  1.      I created a lot of scenes and some of them were associated to my Alexa account
  2.      After couple of weeks, I make some cleanup in my scenes by deleting some of them
  3.      I don’t know why but the association with Alexa seems to hold the deleted scenes, and now those scenes continue to be executed by the triggers that was configured but they are no more visible on my scene menu on Vera and I can still see them in the Alexa management menu

How can I delete those scenes now ? I tried to remove the Alexa association but it stay visible on Alexa Management menu.

I think it’s in the app:
Devices > Scenes > Refersh the list



No… The list is suppose to be automatically updated no ?

I don’t see any option to refresh the list !

What happens after you say “alexa discover devices”?

Nothing… Can’t detect device. I called the Vera support and it could’t find the problem…
It seems that there’s a lack of integrity between the scenes management with the voice assistants !!! :unamused:

Pull down and let go…


Finally, I was able to delete the scenes by creating a small program that disabled the default scenes. By disabling them, they removed themselves from the Alexa management menu. :slight_smile:

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