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Currently use the Vera Control plugin. Will this be updated at any point?

  • Is there anyway to exclude a device from being discovered by Alexa? I have some Ecobee devices which I use the specific Ecobee skill, but I also have these configured with the Ecobee app on Vera Plus to perform some automation tasks. So, I have this device come up twice via both Ecobee and Vera skills.
  • I still have the same dimmers that work just fine for turning on/off, but they are ‘unresponsive’ in terms of current status. I have a separate thread out on this.

I also notice that there is a new skill ‘Ezlo Smart Home Control’. Would this skill replace the Vera Control skill? Would this new app be able to control any device on Vera Plus?

  1. You can log on to the and before you click your controller on the top right corner where your name is, click the drop down menu. Click “Manage Alexa” and there you can remove/rename/include any devices.
  2. The unresponsive devices I have that issue too, but the devices still work fine just occasionally say unresponsive in the app
  3. The Ezlo Smart Home Control is not a replacement for the vera skill, it is for the new beta user and for the future releases of Ezlo devices.

@Pabla Appreciate the response.

    1. Awesome! I didnt know those configuration settings exists. I was stupidly enabling / disabling the skill in Alexa to get access to this configuration.
    1. Well, if they show unresponsive, it doesnt really work… the same devices show up OK in the iPhone app for Vera and I am able to see the change in status. This cant be a polling problem, as the GE Dimmers are unresponsive GE Switches are both set to be polled every 15 minutes. Of course, the GE Dimmers are more complicated and have to be setup from Generic devices and work properly. So strange.
    1. That is what I thought, but I wasnt 100% sure. Thanks!

In regards to number 2, are you having any issues controlling the switches via the Vera app? When my devices show unresponsive in the Alexa app I am still able to control them, but not able to see their status which is a well known and unfixed problem.

@Pabla No issues controlling the switch via the Vera app. However, the status being unresponsive is a VERY BIG problem. I just added a Dome Water Shut-Off Switch to Alexa and that status shows up ‘off’ when in Vera is shows as ‘open’, which is correct. @Sorin may perhaps be able to ensure this issue is fixed with the Alexa skill? If this is a well known and unfixed problem - why has it not been resolved?

Unfortunately this Alexa skill is EOL pretty much, it hasn’t been updated with any new features/bug fixes for a while.

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