All On/Off from Dashboard Shortcut

I changed from the other version of the Hue plugin to this AltHue plug in and have noticed that none of the Hue bulbs are counted within the shortcut anymore. My total went from 58 to 46.
Is this an easy fix?

not sure, this UI7 “My Shortcuts” does not seem to consider all type of lights, for instance devices of type urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:DimmableRGBLight:1 do not seem to be counted. this is quite independant of ALTHUE plugin and is a UI7 design choice I am afraid

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AFAIK this looks at specific category and subcategory:

  • Category 2, any subcategory
  • Category 3, subcategory 1, 2 or 3

If you change yours, it should be doable.

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Would this category and sub_category go under the plugin to cover everything? From the list of categories, it looks like category 2, sub category 4.

Or would the plugin be category 26 (Philips Controller) and each light would be cat 2 sub_cat 4? Is it easy to add these categories to each light? I looked and don’t see these parameters defined. When I go to add a new service, there are three fields to fill out. Not sure if this is the proper way to add a parameter.

Master should be 26 and children 2, 4. You have to change a property, the easiest way is via code:


Where ID is taken from device properties. Repeat for every device.

i pushed a version v1.48 on that is setting these categories ( in case they are not set ). you may want to check if this improves the situation a bit

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I may not have looked in the right area, but I didn’t see the new 1.48 release.

Also, what is the proper way to update this outside of the Mios App Store.

On github you have a download files button, then you upload files in ui7 the usual way

I see the updated L_ALTHUE.lua file now. That wasn’t showing last I looked. I only need to upload this one individual file, correct?

I uploaded all the json, xml, lua, and js files. I can confirm that I now see all my lights in my All On/All Off shortcut.

Next question… The icons are still appearing as a regular bulb. Should I be uploading those SVG or PNG files somewhere?

EDIT: Disregard where to put the icon files. I see that in the Installation notes, and they are already there too. I am curious if it is easy to change the icons to what they actually are though, and not the standard Vera light bulb.

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