All switches and doors deleted while adding new GE Switch to Vera Plus

All, I had a GE in wall switch go bad, okay no big deal (It happens) but after I put a new switch in place I had to pair the new one obviously. While pairing I had to reset the new switch to delete the manufactures test pairing and when I did this it deleted all switches at once to include; dimmers, Fibaro RGBW, switch (non dimmer, outdoor modules, and my door locks. Has anybody had this happen to them.? At this point all but the door locks have been manually re-added as the backups did not work. In my eight years of Vera this is a first. Any ideas the logs only shows multiple complete reboots of the Vera.

Happened to me when I was adding a device to. Thankfully the back up worked. Have you tried backing up just the z wave network or the whole unit?

Both back ups were tried. All is running again except door locks. I will add when nobody else is home.

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