Alpha - Ezlo App Android

We’ve released the Ezlo App ALPHA.

This is a brand new technology we are using for mobile apps. At the moment we want our users to test this new technology and provide us feedback please. We will then work on getting to feature parity with other capabilities.

With the Ezlo app, you can keep on eye on your home from anywhere, control multiple devices with a single tap via pre-set modes. Enjoy peace of mind that your home is safe and secure.

We will constantly update the beta apps as we progress with the development.

Ezlo application runs in parallel with the Vera Mobile application, this means you can use both of them, without issues.


  • Ezlo Atom, Ezlo PlugHub.
  • Android 8.1+.

To get the Android Beta build v.0.1.9 please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are part of the Ezlo App Google Group

  2. Point your mobile web browser to this address to get or update the app.

The iOS version is coming soon and we will let you know how to install the app.

Alpha Warning:

Please note that since the Alpha apps have not yet been commercially released, they may contain bugs, errors, or technical inaccuracies. It may not function as well as general availability software releases.

We are waiting for your feedback!

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When logging in with my account uid I see all controllers, including the Edge running the “Linux” Alpha, but is I select that it says it is a Vera controller and will not connect.

I created a user admin UID, but it keeps saying the UID/PWD are wrong, whilst I can connect using the Vera app, so that is not it.

Cheers Rene

Hi @reneboer! Thank you for your feedback!

You are right, we mistakenly added the Vera Edge on Linux as supported in the Ezlo app, but it isn’t yet.

As we mentioned above the app is in development and there can be some bugs.
Now there is some issues with Vera Edge controllers which we are working on it.
We edited the post as well.

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