Alternatives to Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor

So, UBS are out of stock here in Europe and Smart Implant AKA UBS2 is not supported (with no ETA when reported in another thread).

I probably need to implement new sensors and their inputs and I don’t know which route I have to follow. Any hints? Thanks.

Have a look at ZUNO, not much you can’t do with it.

Nevoton data collection module
Defaro DCU-102 (i/o module)
(sold with RU frequency by default)

It not 100% compatible, but may be good in some tasks. Fibaro RGBW module has some sensor cap’s too.

Unfortunately those devices seem to be very difficult to source here in Italy.

I want to avoid the ZUno route, since it’s really overkill for a simple project, but it seems to be the only viable solution a the moment. Thanks.

Ways are:

  1. Order device by post
  2. Try to find UBS in shops or try to find used UBS on ebay etc.

They are still available here in Europe, try another EU country. I ordered one today in Sweden

I will. Language barrier permitting.