Android Device does not show up on the plugin on the Vera UI?


I wonder if anyone can help. I’ve followed the guide -> yet cannot see my Android device listed ?

On my HTC running AutoVera I can see my Vera ok, it’s devices and scenes so it suggests it works one way,but not the other?

How do I get Vera to see my phone?

So you’re saying if you look at the autovera “device” in your dashboard it say “Androids 0”??
Not sure where you think the device should be listed but that’s the only place. It should say “Androids 1”

[quote=“Frunple, post:2, topic:182161”]So you’re saying if you look at the autovera “device” in your dashboard it say “Androids 0”??
Not sure where you think the device should be listed but that’s the only place. It should say “Androids 1”[/quote]

Yep my plugin shows no Android devices - it does not even say 0

It says 'No Devices have been set up to receive status updates "

Did you have an old version of the AutoVera plugin installed by chance? If so, delete the AuoVera device and reinstall from the MiOS app store. If your device is the current app store version, I would try just refreshing Your Veras, and the Devices from within the AutoVera Android app. Then check your dashboard for the 1. Ensure you have named your Android device as well.

CHECK - I did have the latest one, but to help troubleshoot I’ve removed it and reinstalled it - and carried out a few reloads too,

CHECK - and I can still see all my scenes and devices, so no change there it looks like AutoVera can see my Vera unit

Still blank no, number 1 listed.

Additional - Under ‘Your Vera’s’ if I choose ‘Devices’ I can see everything listed with a bell next to it - but if I select a bell next to a device for Status Updates -it tells me “Couldn’t find AutoVera plugin on your Vera” “please install it and refresh your devices”

If I try and refresh the devices - it just stays on the Please wait pop up, telling me it is refreshing devices for Vera… But it does not complete…

As nothing was working - I decided to uninstall the AutoVera app from my phone to see if that would help - sadly it did not - and now it cannot find my Vera at all ??!!!??

I’m running v. 1.12 from the Vera App Store
I’m running v. 1.01 AutoVera app

I’m also on the same network, connected to the same access point.

That’s extremely odd. Sorry you’re having trouble.

Are you on UI5? Apparently some UI6 users have been having issues lately with discovery, perhaps related?

Clear Data on AutoVera within the Android Settings app and reopen AutoVera to be taken through the initial setup. Ensure your username and password are correct and try to refresh. If it hangs on refresh, close the app via the multitasking menu and re-enter AutoVera.

Are you using any unique characters in your username or password?

Thanks - it is indeed odd.

Yes I’m using ui5 - I’ve been around this forum for a while and take my time upgrading that part :slight_smile:

I went into Settings,mound the app choose Clear Data, but nothing was removed? It told me it would wipe all the Data, but data’s still there when I go back into AutoVera??

Yep password and username is correct,

No special characters, pretty boring username / password really :slight_smile:

Hold on - it’s found it now !

AutoVera can see Vera and 1 Android device appears in the Vera UI !

Thanks @dkc

Pretty much the same issues here… AutoVera sees the Vera, the Plugin in Vera Shows 0 Androids found.
How did you solve it?

Kind of suprising how little support this plugin gets.

Figured it out after hours of struggling…
Android device was found once the Vera was accessed locally, not via outside servers. This should be mentioned in AutoVera app somewhere!

Just to note, the developer of AutoVera hangs out at:

He is very responsive over there.

I do not believe he reads this forum very much.

Mine says “temperature 1”. Already deleted the plugin and reinstalled it (had a different issue as well)…

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