[Another] VeraPlus bricked after firmware upgrade...

I have a similar problem. After upgrading from Vera3 to Veraplus, bizzarre lost devices. So I did what support said and started from scratch and have now rebuilt over 50 nodes. Guess what, I cannot exclude devices again without loosing my entire zwave network. Support says I have a corrupt zwave network and the only clean/good version is from months ago when I had only 2 devices attached to my vera plus. Not wanting to start AGAIN from scratch, I have since discovered that I can exclude devices by using the physical buttons on the vera plus and not lose my entire zwave network. Using the GUI (UI7) does destroy the zwave setup. So I have a work around as the physical buttons work where the gui does not.

Looks like I am joining the club twice over. I have 2 Vera Plus boxes in vacation rental homes (I know…poor me). I hesitate to do any upgrades since I am not on location. Since I was here for other maintenance issues I decided to upgrade both. Turned both into bricks. Have not heard back from support and I have to leave in a day. I take it phone support is non existent? Sent an email a few hours ago but still no response. Can anyone tell me what the usual response time is?

Phone support is actually pretty good:

USA Toll Free: +1 (866) 966-2272
International: +1 (702) 487-9770


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Hi @gwdodd

I’m so sorry to hear about this. I see that you’ve managed to sync with the CC team.

Got two plus’s, first upgraded when I got it and it bricked… 2nd was bricked when I plugged it in. Not real promising, even for a (savvy) fan!! Support replied at midnight a day later :confused:
Just post the Tech side of how to ssh and fix it… I dont want to deal with some support tech who is reading a procedure anyway!

I have also joined the club with now two bricked veras with difficulty getting the appropriate support. I had a Vera edge setup running all my system and upon trouble shooting and error with Vera support “cannot write user data system error” we managed to brick the device (an offer was made to replace the device but I can get no response from the technician after providing him with requested information). Luckily I had a backup so I purchased a brand new Vera plus and performed the restore of the Vera edge back, now the Vera plus web interface never fully load and is stuck in a constant spinning circle attempting to load. Vera support have asked me to issue several http commands, none of which work but I test ssh and this is still responsive and have asked Vera support if possible to perform a remote session but cannot get a response. I have also tried pressing the reset button on the Vera plus and it looks like the unit goes through the restart process but the end result is the same continuous spinning loading circle. Any path forward?

Not many new posts here, but I have come across my problem just 2 days ago, having accepted the new updates, which deleted all my devices. Waiting for 2 days for the support guys to reply, no response so far. The tech support is enabled. As I’m new to this and have many devices working with RF controller (which got deleted too) and others quite remote, needing pairing close to the controller, it’s quite difficult and frustrating. Hope to hear from you soon, Vera

Quick update - the support has been able to restore all my devices from the backup. Thank you for that

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Hi i think I might have bricked my box. It only has the power light flashing and nothing else.

I have tired to hard reset, but nothing works, any ideas

I had my Vera Plus bricked after the stable FW update. I came from the last stable FW version.Now, only the power light is lit.

Is there a way, since it has been two days since I contacted support but with no answer back yet, to access it? I have been reading about ssh. Never did that. Is there a set of instructions so I can follow and try myself fix it? Any advice is really appreciated

Just tagging it @Sorin

I’m not aware of an unbrick :frowning:

I friend, sorry to hear about this. I gave a heads up to the support team.

Thank you! I will keep you guys informed

Same here. i have an email into support. hope to hear from them soon.

After support, it was declared “software defective” and needed to be replaced. No way to “unbrick” it.

After my VeraPlus bricked, I bought a new one. Fresh out of the box started the setup. Came to the upgrade firmware page. Clicked updated firmware and reset unit to factory defaults. Another brick. Power light flashing only. I cant be this unlucky. I am using an iMac with Catalina with the latest firefox.
Could it be a browser issue? I am totally lost.
I have a voicemail into support but I know they wont be able to see it as it will not respond to ping.

Flagging for @Sorin

I can’t however, see how this can be an OS / Browser issue


Sorry about this, heaving the tech team look this up. Do you also have a ticket I can direct them to?

After waiting 45 mins on the wait 15 mins screen before cycling power, Calling Tech support and leaving voice mail. Multiple power cycles, Multiple push the reset button 6 times, nothing helped. Tech support called back about an hour later. As I was explained the issue low and behold I see the VeraPlus just start to boot. Tech support didn’t do anything yet. I cant explain it. I wish I had a clue how it magically booted. It now has the latest firmware and I have power cycled the unit multiple times, restored my backup, tested devices and all is well. Maybe the initial wait 15 mins needs to be 1.5 hours??


Since today I’m another victim of the KILLER UPGRADE!!!

my vera plus has only power led on…and no ping…no response from http…nothing

Already wrote to customer care…I hope they can find a solution…and quick!!!


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