Any updates for the progress of firmware 7.30?

Are there any updates for the progress of firmware 7.30?


Now the Ezlo Atom is out, the news flow on the old vera systems has dropped to nothing.

I fear they will only focus on the new HW, and we have to upgrade to new HW.

The Atom is nowhere near a replacement for the Vera Edge or Plus. The only problem I have ever had with Vera is slow trickle to none when it comes to updating or implementing features on the controllers. I moved away for a couple years because of Google Home and I instantly moved back once it was finally added. I have hope that Ezlo has a good direction planned (ie Linux firmware) and pray it doesn’t take to long. Better slow and safe rather than quick and buggy (Seriously…hurry up!!!) :wink:

7.0.30 should be out pretty soon. We have seen some updates recently addressing a few more bugs generated by a few changes made to the OS. The engine I believe is frozen. I have been testing the new engine alone (without the OS portion changes) and am on my 16th day without luup reload. I expect to show a screen shot on day 20 which would be an absolute uptime record for a vera.


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