ANYONE from EU with RFXtrx who control somfy oximo RTS motors with it?

Please, could you share with me your experiences with controling these Somfy OXIMO RTS motors via RFXtrx433XL?
I would like to buy Vera Plus and need to control all my window blinds.
Thank you in advance.

We control all of our somfy rts blinds via the rfx433e. I assume the xl will give the same great control. Once set up ours have been solid and only required a single reboot in about 6 months (as the rfx unit had stopped working but came back online after the reboot).

Thank you @mzpost! What about different position than top and bottom? Is it ok or difficult?

The top / bottom / my positions are all easily controlled. You can drop these into scenes which is useful (but use the advaned editor as I found lots of issues trying to programme a scene in the normal way).

If you want to move the blind to a position other than the 3 standard ones set then you can simply use a time delay (either up / down) followed by stop. We use an “up” command followed by “stop” 5 seconds later in a night time scene to move the blind to a position where we can open the window. A few mins later the blind sets to the “my” position for the evening.

Quite controllable and you can do everything you can (and more) with the somfy remotes with roller blinds. With the venetian controlling tilt its a little more difficult but again timing will do it.

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I will try to do it! Thank you!