Anyone Recognise this in my Logs

Ive been checking my logs quite a lot recently to find out what is causing Luup reloads, no luck yet

but tonight this was in the logs and I havent seen anything like it before, I tried pinging the ip but no reply

any ideas

Is that .70 within your DHCP range? Perhaps something got a new IP address and Vera is still looking for the old address. All devices on my network that Vera talks to I have reserved the IP address to that device’s MAC address so each time it gets an address from the DHCP, it is the same IP. In my case, a computer hosting Blueiris, 4 cameras, the Vera itself, and my Harmony are all reserved IP addresses so I do not have to change Vera devices.

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Hello Thanks for the reply, the only two devices that have IP’s on my network in Vera are Harmony Hub & Philips Hue they both have fixed

It appears to be a Sony TV that connects to my wireless network but what has this to do with Vera, not sure why its in the logs?

Probably the Automatic Device Detection under Settings->Net & WiFi.
Disable “Auto detect devices on my home network” to stop Vera from trying to connect to various devices, fail and log errors.

ok will give that a try thanks

I have already logged Luup reload with support a few days ago but havent heard anything yet @Sorin
anyone know what exit code 138 means

Hi there, giving a heads-up to our support team. :vulcan_salute:

Great thank you

@Sorin Had a reply from Tech Support thank you

Amongst two other issues they have spotted they mentioned to change this

The harmony plugin is being called every one second, I think that’s a little too extreme and I would advise to lower it down to 30 seconds

Which I have done, there were also two sensors that appeared to flood the network now and again so hopefully when I reinstall them it will sort out my problems


Which two sensors are flooding your network?

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