App Store not loading-Vera Edge FW 1.7.4832 (7.30)

Still trying to get to the bottom of why in the tab Install Apps the wheel keeps spinning and just times out. I’m signed into Vera so that’s not the problem. Other solutions I saw mentioned is that the storage on the VE may be full. I have installed/uninstalled a number of plugins in the past but I’m wondering are they actually uninstalled or just flagged not to display on the UI.

I did manage to load the App store list occasionally but now it’s impossible. Any suggestions what I could do next.

This is, I believe, because the store is basically broken and UI7 doesn’t seem to handle it well


Yes my initial assumption. What I was trying to figure out is, if it’s a case that storage on the VE was full would that effect the ability of Vera to cache the App store locally for plugin installation. I can clearly see that the plugins I installed have not been physically removed from the VE. Now the question is, why is that the case and how can I physically remove them.

Unistalling does not remove the files. You have to do so manually, logging in with ssh to a unix shell, or executing a shell command from the Lua Test Code window, or such like. (Be very careful!)

That’s the problem. The SSH side of it is easy. It’s ensuring you don’t delete a dependency for another part of Vera. I’m puzzled as to why the Delete Plugin function doesn’t manage all that for you. Has anyone managed a way around this that doesn’t involve installing a customized version of Vera.

While it’s a valid question I don’t think freeing up space is going to solve the issue, if that’s what you’re trying to do…


Possibly not but surely filling cached memory could cause symptoms like this on a device with such limited storage resources. I imagine functions like updates etc fail as the process as far as I can see is download update first then install. If there is no room to download first the process fails.Unfortunately Vera error messages don’t indicate this.

Pretty sure that’s not the case. I’m extrooted and can’t get to the App store 9 times out of 10.


That’s fine so I can rule that option out. I now have a VE that’s full to the brim with deleted Apps that clearly I cannot officially delete to free up space and even if I could I cannot access the App store to try out any others. Now that is an interesting dilemma !

Certainly one word for it!


If you contact support, they will e-mail you some LUA to paste into the test window to delete some plug-ins to free up memory. I think I posted an example a couple of months ago somewhere. (Sucks to get old :roll_eyes:)

Thanks for that. :+1:


The app store seems to be dreadfully slow. Updating ALTUI took 30 minutes to download those files, also on a Plus (and less than half a minute for the ALTUI App store!). IMO this is all due to the slowness of the App store server. Vera is aware and have said weeks ago they are working on it. It is taken its time though.

Cheers Rene

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