Application (and wiring) question for the Aeotec Nano Switch

Throughout our home, we have bathroom exhaust fans connected the Leviton “button timers”. They’re attractive, intuitive, work well. But for at least one of the bathrooms, we’d like to be able to run the fan remotely or via schedule. There’s an Aeotec product in the EU that looks like it would work, but it’s not US frequency.

Here’s the question: could the Aeotec Nano Switch be wired in parallel with the Leviton timer? That is, instead of having the Nano control the power to the timer, and the timer control the fan, have either power it? I’m certain this could be done electrically with a normal z-wave on-off switch, I just don’t have a good place to put such a switch nearby. I suppose I could replace the adjacent light switch with a VRCS2, assuming I can find one, and have the second load supply the fan in parallel. But thought I’d ask here. The wiring instructions for the Nano look like the switch might be averse to finding power on its “out” wires that it’s not supplying.

Have the same question.


I’m not familiar with the Nano Switch’s internal construction. If it uses a mechanical relay as the switching element, your plan will work. The “hot” for the Leviton fan and the Nano Switch must be the same, of course. If the Nano Switch uses solid-state switching, then you might have problem. I would strongly suggest contacting Aeotec and getting a definitive answer.

I also have this question, if someone has a solution, please tell me

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