Apps page still causing problems

I’m having huge problems with apps right now. I get a lengthy amount of the page hanging when I choose Install Apps. Sometimes the Apps page populates, sometimes it doesn’t. If I then try and go back the system hangs for a minute or two. Anyone else experiencing similar issues?

Yes it’s been an on going problem for a good while now.

Try first logging in to the online gateway, connecting to your controller and then going in to the Apps area.

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Hi everyone.

I’m looking this up and I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have any details on this.

LE: As an update to this, we;ve checked out on all fronts we there should not be any issues, at least not general ones. We’ve ran some tests and populating the app list took between 1 and 8 seconds without any hangs which are normal values.

If you continue having issues I’d advise checking with our support team

I have the same problem.

@Sorin There is still a bug in the App Store. It will not work with an Orbi Router (and likely other routers) that don’t like the insecure header call (or the return not sure which) that the “Install Apps” page makes. And Yes it is still broken. I can repro it, super easy… from the same PC. If I go directly through Cable modem… works perfect… go through my Orbi Router, page will hang. Just test a Vera with an Orbi router… you will see it is still broken.

There was a thread… that I can’t find right now (might have been removed because it was from a banned poster) that actually had the exact detail of what was wrong with the header being used in the call to the App Store.

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