Association parameters, variables, etc. need cheat sheet

I’m a fairly tech savvy person but not to Z-Wave (i’m a chemical engineer). I cannot get my garage door tilt sensor(s) to work (one is Ecolink the other NYCE). They are located and associated by Vera plus but they do nothing upon tilting. As I go through “advanced” tab and see all of the various parameters and variables I"m sure there is something in all that configuration gobble goop that has the answer. Is there a reference manual or document to help understand what each of these parameters, etc. means? Heck, I can’t even decode the time stamps and understand when something happened or not. Appreciate in advance anyone’s help on this one.


If you want to find more information, to better understand what you can find under Advanced, you can go here:

The times that you see, for example for a variable like LastTrip are in Unix time, and in order to convert it, you can use something like:

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The time stamp is formatted in a linux epoch format. You can get it translated online or you can install ALTUI which will do it for you.
The garage door tilt sensors should work out of the box without anything special. I have a couple of the ecolink ones. Upon tilting they should trip/untrip. If they are not working, most likely, you have a secure class key exchange failure and the device was probably included in a non secure manner. I would suggest excluding and reincluding the device while the vera is very close to it and also add is as an ecolink garage door sensor from the menu rather than a generic device.