Associations wall Switch to Light modules


Hi, I have a Qubino Flush 2 Relays ZMNHBD1 controlling a couple of lights that I also want to control from a switch. But the problem is that I am not able to put a cable connecting the Qubino or the lights with the switch.

So, I am trying to use a double switch TKBHome TZ37 Z-Wave to do it and I presume that the association parameter would allow me for doing it.

I installed the TZ37, included in te VERA Edge I have and it is working OK, as soon as I change any of the push button it is recognized in the dashboard and the related icon switches on.

Then I used the association group 1 to associate to the Qubino module but it doesn’t work. Either I switch on or off the FBK switch it doesn’t apply to the Qubino lights module.

The devices ids are:
TBK Parent: 79, left switch 80, right switch 81
Qubino light two switch module parent: 50, switch1 : 51, switch2: 52

In the TBK wall switch I put the association: 79,80,51— It didn’t work
In the Qubino module (at the same time) I put the association 50,51,80 — It didn’t work either

Is there anything I am doing wrong?

I am a newbie to this world, even I am used to electronic, radio and IT, but I cannot have it working, maybe I am understanding anything wrong?

Thanks for any help.




Don’t edit the association field create the associations in the device option tab. You may need to exclude and re-add the devices now to clear the incorrect associations. I think in this case you might also have to use multi end points since the association I believe has to be with th3 parent. Also check in the documentation for the TKZ that group 1 is correct



Hi, thanks for your answer. Let me to replay to your comments.

1.- Group: Yes, in the TKB double switch, Group 1 is for Associations with the right switch and Group 2 for the left switch. Then there are group 3 and 4 but those are for another meanings.

2.- I did defined the association using the device tab of the TKB double switch. Even more, as I had some trouble, I did exclude and include the TKB switch, same bad result. The Qubino ones are impossible to do it, because they are too far from the controller.

3.- What I don’t fully understand is what you say about the multi end points. What I did was to associate the group 1 to the light Qubino module. Do you mean that I also should put in the association the right (or the left) child ID of the TKB double switch along with the ID of the Qubino light module. I feel to have also tested it without success, as I wrote in my first post.

4.- Additional question. I included and defined the association of the TKB double switch in a place very near to the VERA controller, and then I took it out, disconnected from the mains and came to where will be the final place, connected to main and tested. Might the association be “deleted” when the TKB double switch was disconnected of the mains and then not be active when I connected it again to the mains?

Thanks for your help.




Trying to do the test easier I tried to associate the TKB TZ37 with a simple Z-Wave plug.

I also find several guides in the internet about how to do it. So what I did was:

1.- I went to Devices -> The TZ37 parent -> Device Options -> Associations -> Add Group -> 1 -> Set -> marked the plug -> Save -> Save the changes.

I did it for group 1 and group 2, that following the manufacturer manual are the right and left switch of the TZ37.

No way, no control of the plug that is almost side-to-side of the TZ37 and both are connected and ON.

I also did a test (for the case the manual is not fully up-to-date) with group 3 and 4. No way, same bad result.

I also read in the internet that the Associations are not very well managed by the VERA controller.

And finally, there is an association definition still remaining “undeletable”. I would like to exclude and include again the TZ37.

I know that Scenes could be another solution, but in this case I saw that the time of reaction from acting in the switch and response in the “associated” module is a bit long, some seconds.

Any idea of help?

I am not sure it is a good time to go to VERA support and open a ticket, due to the time of the new firmware beta test and correction of possible bugs on it, but any suggestion will be very welcomed.




The tz37 is a z-wave+ device. If the switches you are trying to control are not Z-wave+ (just normal z-wave), then the tz37 needs to be included to the Vera in unsecured mode (since the TZ37 does have a way to set unsecured associations). You can probably ask support to help you with that.



Hi, thanks for your answer.

The Qubino Flush 2 Relays I have installed are (or in theory are) ZWave +, so, this shouldn’t be the problem.

I already wrote to support and they opened a ticket for dealing with this situation. If we are able to resolve it, I will update this with information for general knowledge.