i am not quite a newbie to U15 but completely lost in U17. I built some automation code to manage AC units but I was looking on how to move that to U17. I bought a new controller. The scene does not require a device trigger. I though I could use the schedule to trigger the luup code but U17 insists that I connect a device.before I can get the code added. It does not require a device.

Where is the automation that was available in U15 now in U17 and where can I add luup code. I did see where I could enter the code to test



Just go to Apps, then Startup code (or similar). Here you can past generic LUA code, that will be executed every time the LUUP engine will start.



many thanks just seems the focus on automation including LUA and Luup has been downgraded in U17



The GUI might be confusing you. At the first step, “Step 1: Select a Trigger”, you can choose (green highlight) a Device, a Schedule, or Manual. You do not have to have a device in the Scene. Pick Manual for testing.

At “Step 2: Device Actions” it asks about device actions, but just click next.

At “Step 3: Finish the Scene” you will see the option “Also, execute the following Luup code:” where you can insert your LUA…



Excellent that really helps, and you are correct that the GUI is confusing for simple U15 users…:rofl: