Autovera working but not as a plugin to other apps


I’ve just got my S8 and since for some reason I cannot use a ping function anymore to my phone, I am trying to find another way to automate stuff @home, I already purchased autovera a long time ago but now it seems to be handy again. I have the following issue: When I open autovera, my two Vera’s show up and so do all the devices and scenes I have on my Vera’s, toggling devices also work like it should but then I want to automate stuff via tasker or automate and there goes the plan down the drain, it doesn’t work for some reason, I do have the yellow bells selected for the devices (virtual switches) I would like to control but they won’t budge… I do see a notification popping up that autovera is toggling or turning off/on the Virtual Switch but it doesn’t do anything within the vera itself, so within Autovera it works and I do see the switch being turned on or off (only toggle in autovera) but within tasker it doesn’t…

Anybody any hints??


Kind regards


I’ve updated my phone yesterday (luckely there was an update) and now autovera works and so is the ping again… weird stuff…

I have the exact same problem except mine died by installing commandr which subsequently deleted all my profiles and tasks

I went to reinstall tasker and autovera and now I can’t control autovera from tasker but I can toggle lights etc from inside autovera.

The log says turn power on or off of pendant

Any ideas would be appreciated cos it’s just wiped my custom setup

Almost same problem there : inside the autovera plugin, i can run all my scenes, but i can’t run any device !!!
Same if i use autovera in tasker…

In the end I ended up using a plugin for my unify accesspoints and that is working perfectly, but the downside is that you need to have unify accesspoints…

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