AutoVirtual Thermostat

Ok first week with Vera so still working out stuff…


As far I can tell everything is hunky dory - but AutoVirtual Thermostat appears to be having issues, but I cannot determine what they are or where to look to work out why this appears to be in an error state?

I have 8 of these over half are or a appear to be working - the other half seem to be having issues.

See Troubleshooting section of the documentation.

RFTM … sorry :slight_smile:
Fixed it by setting the battery reporting time to ineligible, 24 hours for the Secure SRT321s - the batteries in them last more than a year and are pretty solid so not necessary to check the batteries every 2 hours.

I’ll set an alert on any battery that hits 30% or less.

Not at all, I’m just lazy–don’t want to retype it. :slight_smile:

When using the ios Vera App how do you get the Current SetPoint to display?

No idea. Nothing I’ve tried works.

I have tested it, and it doesn´t run in android Vera app. Do you know the problem?

The problem is the app. The mobile apps do not support the custom UIs of any plugins. Long-standing problem. Won’t be fixed on current firmware.

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