Avoid tamper alarm for Fibaro door sensor


Hi guys! first of all, congratulations for this great community. It’s my first post so please be patient with me :slight_smile:

I’ve a Fibaro door sensor and Vera Plus (default settings) which it always send me a tamper alarm if I open the door, despite the armed/disarmed state on the controller.
Can I use only the door sensor like a scene trigger without the alarm when the mode is set to home? I don’t realize which configuration to use.




I have the same issue, open the door = tamper. Ive checked everything and the case is on and the tamper switch depressed firmly. Even opening the door gently triggers a tamper warning which is a bit annoying as it shows up as big red alerts every time someone leaves the house :).

Anyone seen this issue or have any ideas?



Hey there,

Fibaro has two tamper switches, one on the back of it and one which is internal. You need to make sure that both of them are fully pressed and stay pressed even if the door close causes a mechanic shock.

If you are positive both tamper switches stay pressed, you may want to log a ticket with our Customer Care as well, to see if there is a possible bug they can report.



I’m having this problem too, just added a new Fibaro FGK-10x EU ver. 3.2 ZW5 to my system and I get a tamper alert every time I open/close the door, even so lightly. The switches are pressed and nothing sits loose.

I am on 1.7.3014 and I have two older Fibaro FGX-10x and they do not have this issue. Has anyone got a suggestion besides opening a support ticket? Should I return it and exchange it for another one?




Hello guys,

There is indeed an issue with some revisions of FGK10x but NOT all. We have this reported and due to be fixed in a future firmware update.

Thank you for understanding.



I am also having the exact same issue. I have the FGK-10X.

I initially had a lot of issues trying to add the device. It’s now added as a generic z-wave device but opening the door triggers a tamper event.

I also do not have any ability to configure the device to tell Vera it’s a sensor device, instead Vera only displays and On and Off control for the sensor but this doesn’t translate to an Open or Closed state for the door.

I hope Vera can correct this issue soon.



I have 2 FGK-10x and Latest Vera 1.7.3232. I get the same issue. Tamper alarm when door open or close.

I also can’t get it to fire an on or off event. Its shows up in log as latching and unlatching but the switch condition is not updating.
So now I have 2 expensive white paperweights.



Is this fixed in the new beta firmware?



I would like to know the status of this problem, it’s been a while. My logs get spammed with false tamper alarms and it’s getting pretty annoying.



Me too. Just installed. I noticed the unit I was sent had a 2016 date-stamp on the battery (nice - not) and the unit FGK-10X shows firmware V3.2 on the box. Took a bunch of goes to add, then just continuous retries when I select the ON OFF on the vera interface. I assume this is for arming. When I try to set an event, there is no option to look for the door trigger… Not sure what is happening here.



Bumping this, maybe the new organization can take care of it. Still getting flooded alerts by opening a door… :-\



Based on Fibaro manual, you can deactivate the tamper alarm by using parameter 74 in Fibaro Flood Sensor. Personally I didn’t try this out, but no harm in trying.