Bedroom occupancy ideas?

I want to fire a Vera scene when I leave my bedroom in the morning.

How do NFC tags work? Could I have my phone sat on one on the bedside table and when the phone is no longer present with the NFC tag fire the scene?

Or a cheap bed mat pressure sensor of some kind?

What are others doing?


I use the echo alarm and the roller shutters position to know if we’re still in the bed.

I’ll probably switch to a weight sensor soon.

Others are using charging status of phones, but nfc tags will not work, because you’ll need to tap if everytime. Not a fan, it’s like pushing a button on the phone and I want automations, not buttons.

Presence detection and Triangluation are two interesting projects we are currently coding!


Charging status of phone may work.

I always charge my phone at night in the bedroom.

Can maybe use Tasker? To sense when the phone has gone from charging to not.

Although if the phone battery is low before I’ve retired for the evening I may plug it in downstairs, so not 100% a solution., unless in Tasker I could also specify a time range for am when it can only trigger.

I want my curtains to open in the room when I’ve gotten out of bed and maybe automate some other things.

I dont have a set routine so no regular morning wakeup alarm at the same times.

I thought the NFC tags might be a tap type thing but wasn’t sure.

Pressure sensor under the bed probably the best thing but want a cheap no thrills solution.

A pressure mat attached to a zwave sensor will work.

To avoid false positive, run a scene/pleg/reactor and filter by time, so it will run only in the morning. It’s one of the most common automation, if you search it you’ll find a lot of builds.

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I have a motion sensor at the kitchen counter where the coffee machine is, motion at this sensor when it is night changes the system to home. This has worked fine for several years.

Or maybe object recognition with a camera can teach it when there is an empty bed.

A camera in the bedroom, I doubt that will happen … :slightly_smiling_face:

i bet you have a camera in your room most nights .

This should work in Tasker.

When the phone charging cable is unplugged between 6am to 10am then wait 10 minutes and then send a HTTP request to Vera to open the curtains.

HTTP Request

Simple things are the best :wink:

This is exactly what I have done. Reactor gave me plenty of configurable scenarios. Examples, when either one of us out of bed, both out of bed, only within time and/or alarm arm state, timeout duration for my confirmation it’s not a bathroom break.

Even more helpful is that I use most of this same logic in reverse to fire my goodnight routine.

One of my favorite automatons was adding those 2 pressure mats and tying them to the Ecolink door sensors 2.5/green LED. The older ones with red suck, but few devices in my entire network work as well as the new ones.

Which mats did you use any links ?

I assume the Ecolink door sensors have a binary / dry contact input on them.

Yeah, exactly… I just cut the pressure mat cord and wired it into the sensor and threw away the buzzer part or whatever it is. It’s definitely something you have to figure out where the best place to place the mat though. Mattress would set it off, or when I laid down it wouldn’t cause it to reactor. I took a laptop in the room with me and did lots of testing and got it right. Only had to move it like one more time.

Ecolink Sensors with dry contact input

Pressure Mat

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Hi @cw-kid

To help us think about any other options/ alternatives, it would be good to know a bit more about your potential routine and what else have you got in the room?

  • Would anything be ‘running’ - e.g music playing or something powered via a energy monitored plug ?
  • do you have motion or door/window sensors in the room?
  • a network access point perhaps?

But the sounds of it you don’t want to push/click anything - it just needs to react to something and trigger the scene.

My past attempts

  • I’ve tried in the past to map sensor trips to understand which way someone is moving, e.g into a room or out of it, unfortunately that got out of sync pretty quickly when there is more that one person in the house…
  • Bluetooth sensor/MQTT - running on a pi zero with usb mount plugged in to the usb charger in a wall socket - which scans for devices in range - placed in an area which would react when people came home…


My initial thing I wanted to do was just have the curtains open when I have rolled out of bed.

I will be fitting a Z-Wave curtain track in that room soon. Normally I just leave the curtains closed all the time, but if they are automated least it will look like someone is actually alive inside LOL.

And I can easily automate the curtains to close again X minutes before sunset.

As for devices in the bedroom:

Kodi PC (LibreElec)
Harmony Hub
Google Home Mini
Android tablet on a stand on bedside drawer
Z-Wave Door / Window Sensor

That’s about it no motion sensor.

There’s obvious potential with one of these, what make/model is it ?

Basic one no thrills just a contact sensor.

Heiman - HS1DS-Z

How about this? Maybe you could get node red to communicate with it?

Have you seen the price of them !

Even more in the UK.

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