Benefits of Video ring doobell 2

Nowadays video ring doorbell is important. We have use video ring doorbell 2 its amazing device.It is the Ring Video Doorbell to watch over your home from anywhere. For more info you can read about video ring doorbell 2 from search engine .

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Video doorbells have indeed become quite popular between the Ring, Skybell and the recent nest doorbell from the big players. Unfortunately they all guide people towards a subscription recording in the cloud of some sort and have great variability in terms of reliability which I have now discovered is related to a combination of server and local wifi setup. I finally have resolved to take them down (I had a ring and a skybell) and moved to one which supports local recording through RTSP and 5GHz wifi and has made a world of difference. I am still getting notifications through the cloud but also have integrated it into my home automation system so the notifications with snapshots are house mode dependent.


I am looking for something similar myself. Would you mind sharing the product you use?

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It is the RCA HSDB2A also known as the LaView Halo One and there is also a EZVIZ branded one. It is made by Hiksvision.

Thanks. Will check to see if it is available in the UK.

I was just looking for a peephole like the DP1 from EzViz, but I would like to understand if I can use it cloudless…

Mine can be used cloudless. It offers an RTSP stream which I am recording from on my NVR.

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Just for kicks… using home assistant, I have successfully integrated facial recognition automation through home assistant to trigger scenes on openluup/vera using the RCA camera… All cloudlessly.