Best accessory/ add-on you purchased

Getting the itch to add something to my Vera Secure.

What accessories/ add-on have you added That you love.

The Nodon Soft Remote. Finally a reliable, affordable, handsome looking handheld multi button remote with single, double, hold, and release triggers! It has the added advantage of working very silently (a bedroom must), with an LED on the front and a magnet on the back.

I like the ZRC90 but with Alexa I find myself using it less and less.


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A Raspberry Pi on which to run openLuup.


Number one favorite was the control board for integration with my security system but since that is fairly specific to my house.

My second favorite is my KIRA from Keene electronics as it allows me to trigger Vera scenes from my URC remote in the media room. Much better than any z-wave remote.


Android Tv box, which runs OpenLuup, Node-red and Automate. I have full control of my house and android devices to open web pages start moves and more via voice control or behind the scenes automation

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