Best Current Geofence Option - Need to trigger Multiple Locations

Hi all,

Can the built in Vera app recognized multiple geofence locations? I’d like to trigger activities based on different locations. The only things I can seem to find in the forum is the Lobo Beta (now outdated and no longer available) and the built in geofence (which seems to only reconize home or away)…unless I’m missing something?

Thanks in advance!

You can add multiple different geofence circles in the Vera app. I believe you can tie a scene or reactor sensor to trigger an action if any device enters the geofence. Be forewarned though Vera native geofence is very unreliable for iOS

Thanks, I’ve read about the unreliability and am willing to test it out (IF there are no other apps that do a better job).

I have added an additional location in the vera mobile app I am familiar with Reactor. I don’t see how reactor can use any of the geofences created. There is no device to reference in the vera UI which shows “In geofence” or “Out of Geofence”.

Hm you are right, in Reactor I only see when user is/is not home or is/is not in the geofence. No reference to an individual geofence zone. A possible way around this may be to use the iPhone Locator plugin and use coordinates of each device as the trigger. Its bulletproof since its relies on native iCloud location

The Geofence condition in Reactor appears when geofencing is detected in use. It will show both home/not home and specific location options, but it has to have that data, and the way the Vera app works, sometimes you don’t have the data until you traverse the region boundary. That’s a huge pain, if, for example, one of your regions is a vacation house hundreds of miles/km away.

Anyway, make sure you reload Luup, too. There’s a lot that isn’t detected until a restart. And of course, always, always, always with that darned hard-refresh on the browser.

Also, Logic Summary will show exactly what Reactor does see from Vera’s location data.

Excellent thank you. Never noticed it there!

(edit) it did pull the other locations without having to go to the region…except at home it still thinks I’m “away”. I think I have to cross out and back in.

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