Best TTS for Version 1.5 and Version 2?


Just getting on the Sonos bandwagon for the first time and just installed version 1.5.

Saw Rigpapa mention Azure Speech Service in This Thread which would be available in upcoming Version 2…ETA Q2 2020.

…but haven’t seen anything definitive on what people using now that is a stable solution with good quality and voice options, if there is one other than ResponsiveVoice?

Also, should I even bother or should I wait for version 2?

Just make sure the default engine is set to RV (or whatever you want to use–really only Mary and RV seem to be viable right now), and don’t specify the Engine in your Say actions. This will let the action use the default you set. When you eventually start using 2.0, if you change the default to Azure, all of your Says will just start using that transparently, nothing more to do. If you don’t like it (which I doubt), you can go back to RV just by changing the default back.

2.0 will be parent-child, so the default will only live in one place, no matter how many zone players you have, making that even easier.

Hi Patrick, I know you are very busy improving several plugins and I really thank you for that.
Do you know when Sonos v2.0 will be available?

I expect mid-Feb. It’s working in my house right now but I’m going to be travelling from the end of next week into Feb, and I don’t want to drop a bunch of new code and run off. Grenades get used that way, not software. When you try it with software, you usually end up with a grenade. :slight_smile:


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