Beta Android - v.7.40.348

Hi @hienry_k9! Thank you for the feedback!

This post is about an update in Beta and it’s purpose is to get feedback from our Beta testers. Generally, we don’t write known issues for the Beta builds.

Please try to reinstall the app and tell us how it goes.

We published a new version yesterday. You can check the update on the Play Store.

Thank you @LibraSun for your valuable feedback!

I passed it to our dev team.

By the way if you have Vera Edge with the new Ezlo Linux FW you can also try to use the Ezlo VOI™.

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As reported on this forum before, Still not able to see more than 6 devices in device area, even tho i have over 20 devices added.

Also app constantly crashes so unuseable

SOLVED: See Ezlo VOI™ step-by-step guide with videos

Color me confused. On the one hand, I was told ‘Ezlo VOI’ requires either the Ezlo PlugHub or Atom to work.

Yet the promotional emails I keep getting say, rather unambiguously, that this new platform/technology also works with Vera controllers, as well as the “Vera app” (does this mean Vera Mobile??).

The messaging I’m getting is therefore a bit confusing. Can we Vera owners and VeraMobile users employ Ezlo VOI now? If so, how? And if not, why not, or when? (ANSWER: No, only VeraEdge controllers running the alpha Linux OS, using either mobile app.)

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For a walkthrough of setting up Ezlo VOI™ and incorporating it into your workflow…

Also see:


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