Beta Android - v.7.40.369

As far as I know the geofence scenes have always been hidden in the Web UI and only visible in mobile apps.

Good to know. First time using Geofence feature (it does nothing in the current beta, mind you, and I’m not the only one who noticed…), so I’ll bear that in mind going forward.

Testing continues. Thanks!

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Hi @Sorin,

It indeed is true that a scene drops from the Web Scene list the moment you set a Geofence trigger. I would like to see that changed as there are simple too many things the mobile app cannot do when it comes to scene editing (zero plugin support for example). It is very annoying that you have to remove a Geofence in the App to change a scene via the Web GUI and then need to back to the app again to restore the geofence trigger.

Cheers Rene


I understand, and I bet the development knows this as well but I guess this decision has some reasons behind it. Nonetheless, I’ll bring this up to the team and if something can be done they’ll add it to the list.

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NEW FEEDBACK: Geofence mistakenly triggers

Meanwhile, last night as I slumbered soundly, one of my two “Test” Geofence triggers fired around 2AM, with this alert being sent out:

Event "Test Entering Home Space" was triggered.

Needless to say, my phone was nowhere near the intended target - which is over two miles away - nor was it moving at the time. Glad I anticipated this malfunction by NOT assigning any meaningful task(s) to the associated Scene.

You might even say the BUGS are coming to ME now; I don’t have to go looking for them in beta .386!!

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UPDATES in beta .389

Happy to report that some things have improved a bit in the latest beta:

(1) Typing or editing in a VOI Command field no longer forces the cursor to the end of that field!

(2) The app correctly detected my Linux Edge as being “Online” on first run.

However, not all good news:

(3) Subsequent runs of the app depicted that same Edge unit as “Offline”, and I was forced to do the Menu > Controllers > VeraPlus > Menu > Controllers > Edge dance, which is getting to be a PITA.

(4) Waiting all day for the Edge to auto-update to the .17 firmware has been no fun, either. When’s it gonna drop for realz, guys?

(5) And when, pray tell, will Geofence be added to the “Edge” firmware? For me, it’s only available on the “Plus” side, just as “VOI” only goes with “Edge”. Some parity would be sweet here. (NO reason both can’t have both!)

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And then, app is stuck on the welcome screen, with a infinite rolling circle. In other words, app doesn’t work anymore.

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I, too, experienced the long spinning circle in .389. Twice. But primarily when attempting to access Alerts, as shown.

I think I force closed the app to bypass.

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NEW FEEDBACK: Bad Talking Alexa

I vote that the audible Alexa in the beta app be discontinued! Or give us a way to turn it off?
Today while trying out a voi command in .391, namely an instruction to send me my shopping list, the app obliged by displaying several of the items on my list. That was good even if incomplete.

But the kicker was that my phone later began speaking out loud in partial phrases (“garden”…“hose”…“glue for”…“bulb”…“bicycle”, etc.) about 4 minutes later. This happened despite my phone being in silence mode and already in my pocket!

NEW FEEDBACK - App UI nitpick

Is the app telling me that controller names must include letters and numbers, or be composed entirely of letters and numbers (i.e. no spaces, punctuation, etc.)?


Start a brand new thread for each app update. We’re on .391, but stuck posting feedback on something 4 revisions old now.



Just installed beta 399. Still see the problem with the Can’t Detect Device message. The moment you have one device that is indeed not connected (WK_Plug), then you will see the message all over the place for devices just connected fine (WK_SchakelaarP).

Also when switching controller you have to select then twice. First you get the Controller screen, you select the controller you want to switch to. Then you get “SELECT A LOCATION”. Why. All my controllers are in the same location. All the settings match.

Cheers Rene

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NEW FEEDBACK - Unexpected warning message on-screen

I should have mentioned this way back on .381, but in .399 the following unwanted message still shows up (however briefly!) in red, at the top of the screen, when opening the app:

No Internet Connection!

Suggest making it NOT visible (not even for a microsecond) unless needed.

NEW FEEDBACK - Blank controllers screen

Still waiting for .402 to push, but noticed that after uninstalling and reinstalling .399 (for fun), I now get a blank “Select Location” page.

Force closing the app and restarting doesn’t clear this up, so I remain unable to choose either of my controllers for testing.

UPDATE: On my next attempt, the app correctly threw me over to the Login screen. However, my first try with autofilled (hence, known-good) credentials failed. Red warning text appeared beneath both fields and they briefly “shook” left and right to indicate input error. Will try another time!

UPDATE: 6th subsequent attempt finally worked! Don’t know why so damn slow to authenticate.

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