Beta Android version 7.40.425


We made a new release today on the Android VeraMobile app.

The app includes:

  • Fixed crashes and inconsistencies around controller connection/disconnection
  • Improved ‘No internet connection’ alert displaying mechanism
  • Fixed infinite loading when logging out

We have the builds available on GooglePlay, Beta: version 7.40.425.
To get the Android Beta build v.7.40.425 please follow this steps:
1. Make sure you are part of the Vera-Dashboard Google Group .
2. Point your mobile web browser to this address to get or update the app.

The build is also available in the internal beta app, version 7.40.424.
For those of you that are already Beta testers PLEASE enroll again at this link, as we’ve changed the tool to distribute the builds - if you haven’t done it already. If you already used the new tool, you’ll receive an app update.


I’ve probably asked this before, but can you clarify why/how the Google Play version of VeraMobile app keeps getting published while it’s still in beta? Are they vastly different builds? (The customer feedback I’ve been reading suggests they are virtually identical, hence my confusion why it’s being pushed through both channels.)


NOTE: My installer first bumped me to .423 before offering .424, so… that escalated quickly.

NEW FEEDBACK - “Voi Controller Unreachable”

My first three attempts at issuing VOI commands to my Linux Edge from beta .424, the following error message appeared…

…and never did an answer or reply from Alexa get displayed.

So I gave up, closed the app, and will wait for future revisions as per usual.


On the 424 version. When connected to a Linux Edge and having the Devices tab open. If the phone when into screen saver and you open it again, quite often the list of devices goes blank. Sometimes they reappear after about 10-15 seconds, or after changing the view from Room to Type.

It would also be nice if the next sprint will include a fix so you can remove non-functioning Alexa devices, and that you can put them in a room. It is very annoying having to scroll through 20 things before you see anything useful.

Cheers Rene

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Q: Why show devices in the app if the user cannot control them in any way? For example, my ecobee thermostat is represented in VeraMobile™ app as a visible device, created by the ecobee plug-in. Yet other than seeing what the current setpoint is, I cannot interact with the thermostat, which I find frustrating.

Since I use VeraMobile so infrequently (by the way, this is why!), this is not something I tend to remember, so I find myself trying every week or so to accomplish something only to be rebuffed. The ecobee thermostat is literally the only device in my home that I would even care to control with the app at the moment.

Is that functionality (i.e. mirroring things I can do in the web UI with ease) due? More precisely, is it coming soon?

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