Beta iOS - v. 3.37 Advanced Scenes for Ezlo controllers

We’re pleased to release in this VeraMobile for iOS v.3.37(3) the following feature for Ezlo Atom , Ezlo PlugHub and Vera Edge that runs Ezlo Linux firmware :

  • In scene creation you can now use AND, OR, NOT logical operators, as well as the ability to create groups with the triggers, so that you can define the automations that best fits your needs.
  • With scenes you can now set the house mode to home/ away/ night/ vacation when certain triggers are met.

To see how to setup a scene with the new logical operators you can check this video VeraMobile for iOS advanced scene creation with Ezlo VOI™.

To be part of the Beta please enter your information in this form:
If you are already a Beta tester just install the latest build from TestFlight and you are good to go.

Please note the iOS Beta build is currently under Apple review.


great work guys! keep them coming.

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