Beta - Vera Firmware for VeraEdge, VeraPlus and VeraSecure

We’re releasing today in Beta a new Vera firmware for VeraEdge, VeraPlus and VeraSecure controllers as of September 1, 2020, we will begin providing our own cloud storage service for you to store your video recordings and snapshots, rather than using a third party service as we have done for the past several years.

Firmware versions:

New Features:

  • Added support for upcoming VistaCam 1200 doorbell camera

Changes & Improvements:

  • Replaced the cloud storage for camera recording resources (recordings & snapshots)

*Please note that after uploading the video to the new cloud storage the processing of the videos can take some time.

Known issues:

  • Live Streaming stops in about 50-60 seconds after starting video recording
  • Controller reboots and engine reloads while recording videos on multiple cameras.
  • Video records from VistaCam PT have only 8-15 seconds (on the old implementation/storage the length of video was 19-20 seconds
  • Video quality for saved videos is very low for mjpeg cameras
  • Some of the mjpg files are not encoded in mp4 format

Previous known issues (targeted to be included for the next release):

  • Not able to manually change day/night extra setting on Vistacam 700 from the Web UI
  • Error message being displayed when trying to update Weather Settings without changing Temperature Format.
  • Issue reported on units that are bridged, with devices on the slave units that generate alerts on the master unit , every time the engine reloads. The issues was reported for door locks.
  • Not being able to control Hue devices with the Philips Hue 2 plugin.
  • Icons/templates for UV Sensors and Generic Sensors have no space between “Level” and the value for “Level” is not being correctly aligned.
  • Associations handled from web UI are still handled securely even when the device has been included insecurely.
  • Issue with previous notifications added being still present in user_data after Reset Z-Wave Network was done.
  • Plugin startup messages is not being displayed correctly on dashboard cards
  • Job watch callback is not receiving job number
  • Error message about snapshots, recording, live view are displayed multiple times on cameras.
  • Disable “Broadcast SSID” not working from Settings"->“Net & Wi-fi” ->select “Manually configure (advanced)”;
  • Lights are turning off while live streaming page is open on Firefox, when the option to turn on the light when user view the camera is be enabled.
  • Preset modes Frost /Confort / Confort-1 / Confort-2 aren’t properly set on Qubino DIN Pilot Wire device.
  • Issue on Vision Glass Break & Shock Detector VSN-ZS5101US where In step two no content is displayed in Device Wizard.
  • Burglary alert are received without template.
  • Not being able to change setpoints in scenes for GoControl GC-TBZ48 thermosta
  • Issue on Aeon LED Bulb (ZW098) when changing color back to white the color is changing to ‘blueish’ white.
  • Yale Door Locks has some incorrect message being displayed when trying to add restrictions to pin codes that are not displayed in clear ("****")
  • Smart switches with category 3 and subcategory 3 ( in Wall Switches) are displayed with wrong icon in cpanel/setting section.
  • Issue on the Web UI with not handling times which don’t contain seconds when editing an existing scene.
  • Not being able to add Foscam C2 third party camera using the add device wizard
  • Aeon Smart Switch generating ghost child devices after pairing.
  • Not being able to remove multi-channel association on Gerber GPS-2000 devices.
  • Not being able to set weekly restrictions on Schlage BE469ZP and BE468ZP locks
  • Child devices are missing for Philio PST03-1A 4 in 1 Multi-Sensor after pairing.
  • Issue on Qubino ZMNHJD1 (Pilot Wire) with no mode is selected when a scene is run with action set as Confort-1/ Confort-2 if mode number set to be suported by Qubino ZMNHJD1 (Pilot Wire) device is 4
  • Qubino Flush On/Off Thermostat 2 is not being configured during the secure inclusion process
  • Controller is removing log files even though the process to upload them to servers has failed.
  • Local access is still working even if “Secure Vera” is enabled but the user enables both “EnableUPnP” and “UPnPScanning” options.
  • Device category name inconsistency for RGB Bulbs between Web UI and mobile platforms.

After you install the Vera firmware, you can test the new cloud storage solution if you have a camera paired with your Vera controller via the webUI. If you want to test it via the mobile apps please use the latest Beta builds for Android and iOS.

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Nice! Looking forward to testing it out. I saw mention of the Vistacam 1200 doorbell, is the release of that soon?

Hi @Ioana
it’s great that there is an update but how come there is only 1 addition and 1 improvement while there are still 35 problems? I do not understand.


Please can you test pairing a Sensative door contact strip. Last time I tried on Vera FW it no longer works and the device never configures.

;tldr; So, basically, nothing was fixed in 6 months, but maybe you’ll fix something in the future.


that’s not true, they implemented an old video intercom presented in 2017.
Who knows what other surprises in 6 months!


Work has been done for some of the items presented in the known issues list, but we first need to release this fw with the cloud storage service as we’re replacing the 3rd party provider. There will be a new vera fw release with fixes, but later.

Correct - it is a video doorbell with 2-way audio enabled that is targeted to be released around September - October.

I got it, but it’s unfortunate to wait so long for so simple things, as users. It’s great you fixed them in your codebase, but it’s useless to us unless it’s released…

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So, if we don’t use cameras, do we need to upgrade when this is released GA?

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I hope Vistacam 1200 also has a Lan connection, I had to replace 2 video intercoms (Ring and Ezviz DB1) because they only had Wifi, they were really bad unstable connection. I had to spend 90 € for a fantastic ATZ-DBV01P with LAN/Wifi connection, continuous recording on internal SD and network cam Rtsp/Onvif for nvr.
Hope Vistacam 1200 also has LAN and internal SD!

I have been asking for years, when will Vera support with proper configuration the VIZIA RF + 4-BUTTON REMOTE ZONE CONTROLLER, VRCZ4-M0Z?

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Would be great if you could add full support for the Aeotec Doorbell 6 too This has been on the market for some time now and still can’t be added in an easy way with full functionality!


will support for Qubino Flush Dimmer 0-10V be added? i was told i cant control psu using 0-10v signal as of now since vera lacks support for it?

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