Beta - VeraMobile for Android v.7.40.504

We’re releasing a new update for VeraMobile for Android v.7.40.504.

New features for Ezlo controllers:

  • Z-Wave advanced parameters* - you can now set custom values for z-wave parameters from the mobile app.

*Available for Ezlo Linux controllers (Ezlo Plus and Vera Edge with Ezlo Linux ) starting with Ezlo Linux v.1.1.988.2. For RTOS-based controllers (Ezlo Atom, Ezlo PlugHub) a new firmware version is needed (higher than v.8.499) - soon to be released.


  • Refactoring for camera records;
  • Minor bug fixing.

For those of you that are Beta testers via the Google platform and want to test the build faster you can enrol at this link , as we’ve changed the tool to distribute the builds - if you haven’t done it already. If you already use the new tool, you’ll receive an app update with v.7.40.505 .


excellent work guys! Lets give our users the maximum control possible.

With this update my Ezlo Plus shows controller offline.

Hi @Odysee. Did you update the firmware also? Or the offline issue is present only in the android app update?

Ezlo Plus firmware is v.1.1.988.2

With VeraMobile for Android v.7.40.504:

  • Vera Plus: Online
  • Ezlo Plus: Offline

With VeraMobile for Android v.7.40.498:

  • Vera Plus: Online
  • Ezlo Plus: Online

Hi @Ioana, @oleg.macovei ,

Just to make sure I see what I should see. I am not seeing any of the current device settings, I can only add parameters right? The list starts empty and I should look in the device manual to know the defaults. It is not like on the Vera that for many devices I see a list after inclusion.

Cheers Rene

Hi @reneboer. There is a list of limited devices with predefined settings included in the firmware. I think @Ioana can share that list. As for other devices, you can only try with custom defined settings.

Can you try a reinstall?

Your talking about devices parameters right?

On Vera FW on UI7 Web GUI this is called “Device Options” and the vast majority of Z-Wave devices have no predefined parameter settings and descriptions listed.

It was down to the user to read the devices user manual and manually add the parameter settings and values that they required.

Only on a few Z-Wave devices did I notice that these parameter settings and their descriptions were by default all listed in the “Device Options” area.

However on various other Z-Wave hubs and open source HA software I have seen screen shots for on the Internet, alot of them appear to automatically list all the various parameter settings and their description for devices out of the box.

It was never a big issue for me with Vera I just read the devices user manuals and added the parameters I needed to configure.

I’ve tried twice switching between 498 and 504 with the same result. I have deinstalled the 498 (direct update via App Tester fails every time), installed 504 via App Tester --> Offline. Direct “Update” to 498 via Play Store Beta --> Online. Then again updated to 504 --> Offline.

Hi there,

Firebase tester installed ok, and can download the beta, but when I try and install it says “Install Failed”.

Do I need to remove the existing version of Vera Mobile app on my phone (Google Pixel 4).

PS Using with Vera Plus.


I get this “Install Failed” every time when I try updating via App Tester. You need to unistall the Vera Mobile App first. Then install the new version via App Tester.

There is no “Monitor Only” option in the new Z-Wave settings in the Vera mobile app.

In Vera FW UI7 Web GUi sometimes I set a devices parameter setting to “Monitor Only” initially so I can see what that parameter is currently set as?

You can’t seem to do this on the Vera Mobile app and with a Z-Wave device connected to the Atom.

Vera FW, UI7 web GUI parameter settings for a Fibaro Dimmer 2

I just tried to set a parameter for an Everspring AN158-3 appliance plug connected to the Atom…

The “Meter Report Period” however it doesn’t work and I get an error, see screen shot.

Also in the future can we expect to see options in the Vera mobile app for setting up Z-Wave association groups?

And also will we be able to change devices Params like the device_type, device_file, impl_file, device_json, category_num, subcategory_num etc and other things that we can currently change in the Vera FW UI7 Web GUI under the devices “Params” tab?

Also in the Vera mobile app, will we be able to view and also change the devices various “Variables” as we can now in the Vera FW UI7 Web GUI under the devices “Variables” tab?

And how about the device command buttons we have in the Vera FW web GUI? Poll Now, Configure Device Now, Stress Test, Replace Failed ?

Or how about the settings for “Poll this node at most once every X seconds” and the setting “Automatically Configure” Default Behaviour / Yes / No ?

Or are all these advanced settings going to only be in the HTTP web based GUI for the new Ezlo hubs? That we access via a web browser on our PC.


Can’t seem to set a parameter setting on an Everspring HSM02 door sensor either.

Atom is FW version 0.8.4899

Vera app is version 7.40.504

Just tried unplugging the Atom from the power and back in again, but it makes no difference.

I do not have EzloPlus yet but with the App and my veraPlus I do not have these access to the parameters that you show, the page does not appear.

Flood sensor fibaro

Same for me also. On my Vera Plus with Vera firmware in the Vera Mobile app when going in to a device there are no “Z-Wave Settings”

Its only for the Ezlo hubs or for a Vera Edge running the Ezlo firmware it seems.

Read the first post:

*Available for Ezlo Linux controllers (Ezlo Plus and Vera Edge with Ezlo Linux ) starting with Ezlo Linux v.1.1.988.2. For RTOS-based controllers (Ezlo Atom, Ezlo PlugHub) a new firmware version is needed (higher than v.8.499)

Super - thanks installed now

Status has changed to online. The only thing I’ve done is restarting the router.

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So obvious question, has anyone else been able to successfully set a Z-Wave device parameter yet?

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