Beta - VeraMobile for Android v.7.50.736 / MiOS v.1.0.735

We’re releasing today a new Beta update for VeraMobile for Android v.7.50.736 / MiOS v.1.0.735 with the following:
New features for Ezlo controllers:

  • Add support for VistaCam 1200 doorbell camera
  • Add support for Vistacam 1102 outdoor camera via Wi-Fi on boarding
  • Create and edit scenes that have HTTP requests as actions
  • Create and edit scenes that have Lua scripts as actions
    Issues fixed:
  • App freeze during Vistacam 702 discovery wizard, when the Next button in the camera detected confirmation popup is not tapped
  • Snapshot button remains preselected in camera live view

Known issue:

  • possible issue with scenes missing if the app is sent to the background. As a workaround you need to tap on a different screen (like Devices) and then return to the Scenes screen - the list with scenes must now be populated.

For those of you that are Beta testers via the Google platform and want to test the build faster you can enroll at this link , as we’ve changed the tool to distribute the builds - if you haven’t done it already. If you already use the new tool, you’ll receive an app update with v.7.50.734 .


Nice we’ve been waiting for these!

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I know :sweat_smile:.
They’re finally here :innocent:

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I just tried, a scene for ON and a scene for OFF
The first works very well but the second you have to run it 2 or 3 times to see the command taken into account. What is the execution time between 2 scenes please?
I counted an average of 6 seconds between the moment I press and the moment when the plug turns OFF

I noticed a big difference in scenario execution time between this page

and this page

On the second it’s almost instantaneous !!!

On the other hand, creating the scenarios with the smartphone is very painful for http requests, I tried but I will not do all the exchanges with my VeraPlus like that with the smartphone. For the lua it’s not feasible for me. When will we have a connection to the box from a computer?

I’m not able to update my Mios app. The app tester shows 1.0.691 to be that latest version?

Hi @ranneman. Please check now the latest version.

My Firebase says the latest version is 1.0.735 (210000735)

Now it is okay! Thanks for the swift response.

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