Beta - VeraMobile for iOS 3.52(6)

New features:

  • Support to configure Siren sound and volume
  • Display inclusion progress in percentages
  • Display measured values for all scalable comand classes
  • Support to enable remote access & diagnostic via SSH for Customer Care on eZLO controllers
  • Support to configure keypad pins on eZLO controllers

Bug fixing:

  • Fixes related to Learning Mode feature on eZLO controllers
  • Fixed an issue where the scenes tied to a device were not displayed
  • Fixed an issue where record and take snapshot buttons are disabled on live view
  • Multiple fixes related to app stability

Please note the iOS Beta build is currently under Apple review.


good work guys! but I am more excited with the “next release” :wink: cos I know whats coming…The Crazy 2021 innovation releases will start with the next release…exciting…:slight_smile:

Great to hear that innovations are coming up. However, the following lack of features are withholding my transition from my Vera (3) to the Ezlo Plus hub on which I run beta tests:

  • No option to configure device associations. I use these quite a bit, without the option to configure this on Ezlo I cannot migrate.
  • Lack of complex scenes. I use reactor and PLEG, the current Boolean logic on Ezlo cannot support several scenes I have. If I were you I’d invite rigpapa to port reactor onto the Ezlo as a paid job. His feedback and input will improve your app framework, it’ll please your users and present a nice showcase app in your App Store. Of course, a web GUI is mandatory for this, not sure on your timelines.

If these two features are added, I’ll reach a point where I can migrate.

-Yep, device association is in our roadmap. We will provide the ability to configure these…(plus we have some more ideas about this :wink: )
-We are soon releasing the ability to add “LUA Script” in your scenes. Initially it will be there for “Actions”, then shortly after that we will add the “Triggers”. With that you will have the full power of LUA scripting in your scenes!
-There is much more work happening behind the scene to create a whole new customizable Dashboard as well as easy to use “rule engine”…
Next week we will release a new FW that will provide a much needed framework extension for plugin development, then we will follow this up with a Plugin Store…and so on…2021 is the year!


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