Beta - VeraMobile for iOS v.3.44(5) TestFlight

We’re happy to announce we’ve submitted today to TestFlight a new VeraMobile for iOS v.3.44(5) Beta update with the following:.

New features for Ezlo Controllers:

  • Redesign the scenes creation flow.
  • Pin code restrictions (add and remove daily/weekly restrictions) functionality for door locks that supports it.

Fixes for Ezlo Controllers:

  • Local mode: when your phone switches from one AP to another the connection to local connection is not lost anymore
  • Send the app in background: when the app is sent into background the connection to the app is not lost anymore

Collaterals for the new features:


Not showing on testflightapp

iOS Shortcuts stopped working for me with this version :frowning:

Yes, human error…I made a mistake when I signed the app and didn’t give Siri enough permissions.
I will make an update soon…tomorrow or Monday in worst case scenario.
Thank you for your understanding.
Have a great weekend,


Hello Matte,
There is a delay between the moment we submit the app and Apple’s approval (up to 48hours).
The app should be up now.
Thank you for your prompt feedback.
Have a great weekend,


Hello guys,
I just release a new update for our beta app: 3.44(7). This update should fix Siri Shortcuts.
Have a great week everyone,

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