Beta - VeraMobile for iOS v.3.46(3

We’ve submitted today for approval a new Beta update for VeraMobile for iOS v.3.46(3) in TestFlight:
New features for Ezlo Plus and Vera Edge running Ezlo Linux firmware:

  • Scenes: HTTP request added as an action in scenes.
  • Z-Wave advanced parameters* - you can now set custom values for z-wave parameters from the mobile app.
    *It will be available for RTOS-based controllers (Ezlo Atom, Ezlo PlugHub) with the next firmware version (higher than v.8.499) - soon to be released.
    You can check here the support article related to Z-Wave advanced parameters customization.
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Do we have this in the Android app yet ? I can’t see it running the latest beta version .7.40.504.

Not yet - soon :slight_smile:

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