Bond Home ??

Anyway to integrate into Vera for fan control?
A Z-Wave equivalent of this would be nice for sure.

Seems to be similar product as Broadlink RM pro,for which plugin integrating it with Vera is during development

Yeah but the Broadlink is the wrong RF Frequency for U.S. usage.


Just bought a bond and wish I can integrate it with Vera. Anyone working on it? willing to do beta testing.
How can we raise the priority of such development?

Throwing my comment into this. I’d love to see this start working. It has been my bane that I cannot integrate my fans into my HA. BOND seems like the perfect answer.

Post over here to keep up the chatter:

Several threads on their site requesting public API. I have also submitted a support request. Everyone here should do that so they see enough of them.

Query: If it can work with IFTTT then is there a work around path from Vera to get there? I’m not enough of a Vera coder to know the answer.

I got this from support at BOND after submitting a ticket…

Mau (BOND Home)

Jun 13, 15:11 EDT

Hi Paul,

A cloud-based public API is set to be released towards the end of this year. If you haven’t already, subscribe to our newsletter on our website at to get the latest on new releases, updates and event schedules.

Thank you for your interest in BOND.



So, that is great news! I could get one of these with some confidence that there is hope to have a complete integration!

I haven’t purchased this yet but I plan to. Glad to see some activity on it.

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Not sure how the Bond home is different from the Broadlink RM pro? There is a plugin for the latter here:

In the USA - it looks like you just need the 315 MHz version of the Broadlink RM pro?

There is no open API yet for Bond Home and neither an ETA on the release date.
We will take into consideration the Bond Home integration once the API will be available.

Thanks, hoping they release that!

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I?ve had the Bond for about a year and I?m very happy with it. Using it via Alexa to control several fans and their lights. Tried the Broadlink but had trouble with it not learning commands.

I wish Bond integration with Vera was ready though.

Meanwhile, is there any way to have Vera mimic the UDP commands that the Bond app sends out? I tried playing around with Wireshark and such but I couldn?t get it to work. I?m not to knowledgeable about such stuff and I couldn?t find any tutorials on how to hack such devices.

I realize it’s been a while but I’d love to see this integrated as well. I’m hoping the project still has some support out there.
I came across this
My limited knowledge on the subject leads me to believe that that is the API that was needed.

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