Brand new Vera Edge - permanently offline



After finding a power adapter to allow me to plug the Vera power supply - very odd they don’t supply a PSU with a plug you can use in the country in which you bought it?

Connected up power and ethernet.

Went to the site to setup the Vera - the self discovery would not ‘see’ Vera on the LaN despite being plugged into the same switch as the computer setting it up…

Anyway entered serial number then MAC address it went through the setup - Odd that the password requirements for the device are stricter than than this forum so I have the same email address and nickname on both but different passwords, odd.

I have 4 lights on the Vera Edge, from Power down to ZWave only Service is not lit.

Internet has been flashing for an hour and the is reporting that the Controller is offline and it is asking me to check power and ethernet plugs - I am wary to pull them out as is may still be in a firmware update, but that is supposed to take 15 mins and it has been over an hour.

At what point do I just pull the power and try to reboot it?

A disappointing introduction that does not bode well going forward…

Any suggestions?


Do you have a DHCP server on your local network? If not you’re probably going to have to connect to the unit directly and set the IP details.



Yes and it has taken an IP address.

The Internet led is flashing constantly - that indicates it is connected to the internet?

It arrived at 13:13 nearly 2 hours ago, I pretty much started setting it up straight away, once I had found a power adapter.

So it has been doing an update now for over 105 minutes - a big update!!!


I connected to the Vera Edge wifi and accessed the Vera iOS App - it shows the Vera Edge as offline also :frowning:

Looks like it is a DOA …

Is this common ?


I doubt it’s DOA, but it might be. Is the IP address and gateway consistent with your LAN set up?

Flashing Internet LED indicates it is not connected. I suspect the updating is a red herring



I have connected my iPhone to the Vera Wifi - I can browse the web through the Vera so it seems to indicate that the Vera is correctly connected to router/internet.

I have pulled the plug - after 90 mins of updates it was time to do something.

It rebooted - same thing

Power Solid
Internet flashing
wifi solid
zwave solid

Both getvera web page and Vera iOS app showing device offline

Is there a restore to factory option?


I assume so. With the plus it’s press the reset button 6 times in about 6 seconds. Not sure on the edge. Sure it’s in then (online?) manual.
I’m going offline now but I hope it gets sorted



Looking at Vera Edge support site

Power flashing is an update, it is solid - so not doing that.

and Internet flashing

Internet LED InternetLED.png
  1. On - Connected to the Ethernet
  2. Off - Not connected to Ethernet
  3. Flashing - Data is being transmitted or received via the Ethernet connection - Connected to the Ethernet

So it is very chatty and connected just unresponsive to Vera Apps and Vera website.

Time for restore to factory and hope that does something


Performed a Factory reset - held Reset switch for 20 secs

After about 10 mins of every LED Turing on or off I was able to connect to the Vera Edge and access using Vera iOS app

It allowed me to log in and then demand it updates 1.7.4452

Which it is doing now.

Boy oh Boy this is a tough device to get going!!!


Ok it took 2 hours to get Vera to connect the first time and let me do anything.

You really have to be committed to get Vera up and running - it has made me really work for it.

I suspect a lot of people would have just returned it and bought a ST…

I really hope it gets better than this.